Michael Merowitz (2011-2018) was the victim in Too Young To Die (Case #4 of Toomeswood). Prior to that, he made a minor appearance in Neighborhood Block Murder (Case #1 of Toomeswood)


Michael was a 7 year old kindergartener and the adoptive son of prostitute Todd Merowitz. He had auburn hair with blue eyes. He wore a light blue plaid shirt with a bright red bowtie with yellow polka dots. He also wore beige cargo pants with white sneakers.

Events of Criminal Case

Neighborhood Block Murder

After Henry Baltimore's killer was arrested, Michael was restrained by his adoptive father Todd Merowitz as the kindergartener had attempted to attack Theresa Millhouse for assaulting his teacher Darcy Keller. Earlier in the case, he had taken some pool balls that Darcy confiscated; which caused a fight between his father and a stoner.

Too Young To Die

After his killer was arrested, Michael's adoptive father had decided to donate his organs to children who may be in need of an operation. After Vanessa who was his biological mother, agreed to give him permission to do so, Michael's kidneys were used to save his girlfriend.

Murder Details

Michael had been confirmed dead by Tazia after the team found his bloody bow tie inside the school bus. His body had been found hanging on the front yard of Dr.B.A.Pearman Elementary School. However, per Tazia's autopsy, Michael had been run over multiple times by a bicycle and that he was hung post-mortem. This confirmed two things: The killer rode a bicycle and knew how to tie knots

Mid-investigation, after the team found skin cells on a bloody bike which is confirmed to be the murder weapon, Tazia made a deeper examination of the cells. The skin cells were confirmed to be the victim's but there were also traces of sweat cells from the killer, meaning that they sweat profusely.

Relationship with Suspects

The victim's father Todd Merowitz broke down in tears when he was informed of his adoptive son's murder and raged about the school's negligence. The victim in a fit of rage about Todd not heeding the child's warnings, laced his coffee with laxatives causing him to have an accident and lose a lucrative client forever; Todd lectured and severely punished him by taking away his allowance and called him Satan which he regretted.Principal Julianna Gideon was dismissive of any responsibility for what happened to students during after school hours, infuriating the team. She was also revealed to have been verbally demeaning to the victim, even going so far as to say he would only live to be a convict.School bus driver Paul Greaves was oblivious of the victim being murdered which frustrated the team and even stated that he didn't have time to make sure all the kids got home safely. He insulted the victim, calling him the devil as he often misbehaved on the bus and was not only banned from riding the bus, he was made to walk home under the hot son while bare foot.Father Novello Cappelanio highly believed that there was no such thing as a bad boy, a feat which the victim disagreed with. When Novello made the victim write an essay on how he could improve his behavior as the priest had to deal with irate nuns, the victim responded by making a voodoo doll of the priest. Alden Black was a notorious serial killer, whom the victim was pen pals with. It is revealed that the two met and Alden not only engaged in a physical scuffle with the victim, he also threatened to kill Todd; Alden also threatened to mutilate the victim's body.

Killer and Motives

The killer turned out to be Julianna.

After thoroughly denying involvement, Jordan pressed her hard enough til she snapped and confessed to the murder. She also confessed to cutting all funding to all of the kindergarteners' field trips and other extracurricular activities and pinned all of these cuts on Henry Baltimore. This gave Julianna an excuse to fire Darcy Keller for ordering Baltimore's property to be vandalized by Sean Crackton. However, several kindergarteners had wondered what happened to Darcy which prompted them to investigate only for high schoolers such as Caleb Millhouse to assault them in their own homes on the principal's orders. When Michael caught wind of what was happening with the fellow kindergarteners, he decided to lead a revolt in order to get their field trips and extra curricular activities back. Julianna decided to silence Michael by running him over with a bike repeatedly until she was confident that the child was dead. Afterwards, she hung him at the front of the school to instill fear among the kindergarteners in order to keep them quiet and docile. Jordan and the player didn't hesitate to ship Julianna to trial. In court, Julianna was told that if she didn't testify, she would receive life imprisonment. After Julianna revealed that she was hired by a criminal mastermind in Columbia Heights to run the school in a prison-like state, she was still sentenced to life imprisonment without parole by an enraged Judge Whiterock. Julianna then wickedly warned the team that war would soon be upon them.


  • Michael is based off and resembles Junior Healy, the main protagonist of the 1990 movie Problem Child portrayed by actor Michael Oliver

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