It's not too late to be a good dad!
—- To Benjamin Jameson

Michael McKenzie, appeared as the main character of the series Concordia Flying Squad, and was the central subject of every season, appearing as a suspect many times across Concordia and Astodia.


In the beginning appeared as a 14 year old orphaned child, with dirty brown hair and a ruined brown jacket, but under the tutelage of Lance Carmichael, grew up to be a renowned success, in his current stage he is a 38 year old detective and Nuevo's only High Class Agent, a rank falling only centimetres of Deputy Chief, he now wears a white shirt with light blue tie and a beige waistcoat, with brown suspender, along with a black bowler hat with a grey stripe, along with this he wears a pocket-watch with a picture of his idol Jason Byrd inside.

Height 6'0"
Age 38
Weight 190 lbs
Eyes Green
Blood B+

Events of Concordia Flying Squad

May God Have Mercy

Michael made several unnamed appearances prior to this but officially made his presence known by appearing before Benjamin at his Nullville throne, after exclaiming a few words, Benjamin found in Michael a reason to come home, officially welcoming Michael as his Protege.

The Simplest Answer

Michael appeared once again to give Lance encouragement before his big showdown with El Rey.

A Stone's Throw

Michael officially became a suspect of being SOMBRA's leader, and all seemed bad until Benjamin Jameson was named as El Rey.

End of the Line

Michael appeared in the aftermath of the murder investigation of Benjamin Jameson, joining Lance and the team as they left Concordia and the CPD behind, heading for Astodia, Russia.

A Shadow of a Doubt

Michael was diagnosed with Sociopath Syndrome in the aftermath of the Shadow's showdown, which explained why he was able to almost murder the Shadow without a second thought, he then took over as Chief of the CPD after Ex Chief Topher Darrenvage's test was complete.

Astodia and Market Wall Co

As of now, Michael is working with the Nuevo Flying Squad to investigate the mysterious Market Wall Co, responsible for mass revival of the dead, and the Shadow, also known as the killer of Katt Venus's parents.


  • Michael is the only character to appear in every season to date.

Case Appearances

As the main character Michael appeared in every case after Case #56.


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