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Mia Diaz


Biographical Information
Full name Mia Diaz née Loukas
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1994
Nationality USA American
Residence Fario, USA
Family Diego Diaz (husband)
Luna Diaz (daughter)
Roy Loukas (father)
Anastasia Loukas (mother)
Lena Loukas (sister)
Martina Diaz (mother-in-law)
Alonso Diaz (father-in-law; Incarcerated)
Dionisio (adoptive son)
Roberto Dias (Uncle-in-law)
Partner(s) Herman Pascal (ex-boyfriend)
Affiliation(s) Fario Police Department
Fario Police Department
Rank Detective
Game Information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #24: Freedom Gates (s1)
No one is the killer until they kill someone.
—Mia Diaz

Mia Diaz née Loukas is the main character in Season 1 and Season 3 of Criminal Case where she serves as a Detective of Fario Police Department after her services as a Beat Cop in first season.

She was a quasi-suspect in A Beauty That Died (Case #6 of Secrets from Beginnings), Murder Around The Clock (Case #21 of Secrets from Beginnings), Passive Role of the Life (Case #23 of Secrets from Beginnings) and Houston, We Have a Trouble (Case #44 of Secrets from Beginnings). Prior to that she was a suspect in the murder investigation of her ex-boyfriend, grocery store employee Herman Pascal in In The Silent Night (Case #3 of Secrets from Beginnings), The Alternative Unit Chief Gus McGuff in Play as a Dead Cop (Case #36 of Secrets from Beginnings), her husband, Fario PD ex-detective Diego Diaz in Deadly Night (Case #43 of Secrets from Beginnings) and her father, FPD chief Roy Loukas in Tear of Sadness (Case #60 of Secrets from Beginnings).

She was a suspect in a murder investigation of a three different people as well quasi-suspect in five cases in Season 1.


Mia is now a 25-year-old wife of FPD Lead Inspector Diego Diaz and Detective with shoulder-length brown hair, freckles and green eyes. She is seen wearing a white shirt underneath her brown jacket. Additionally, she wears diamond earrings and a golden badge necklace.

In her first quasi-suspect appearance, she is seen wearing a crop top, a button-down shirt, and short shorts.

In her second quasi-suspect appearance, she is seen wearing a blue-buttoned plaid shirt with white t-shirt underneath, but also and cowgirl straw hat.

During her suspect appearance, it's discovered that Mia uses hand cream, eats cotton candy and drinks wine.

During her second suspect appearance, it's discovered that Mia eats donuts and knows Latin.

In her Icewood quasi-suspect appearance, her hair is laying down, and she is seen wearing white and black wedding dress.

Height 5'6"
Age 24/25
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes Green
Blood B+

Events of Criminal Case

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  • Her first appearance is created by user XHAMADXGAMERX, while her second appearance is created by user RicciRocket.
    • Additionally, her Freedom Gates lead image is created by user K7U4i2X.

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