Metrocity is fanmade city-state by User:Zvone0000.

Type Metropolis
Founder Setil Royal Family
Established 1786
Population 4 000 000
Primary LEA Metrocity Police Department
Key city figures Samson Marley (chief)

Zvonimir Setil (prince) Jane Poll (judge)


School (#1-#6)

School is the first district of Metrocity. This district is the centre of education, where all school are centred. Things are getting interesting when school principal Timothia Key gets treathning letters from her students because she wants to fire Christine Dill the geography teacher.

Setil Fields (#7-#12)

Setil Fields is the second district of Metrocity. MCPD comes to Setil Fields to protect Setil family because they recived some treathning letters. Also, Eugen Smith escaped from prison and he is sent to "finish his work" in Setil Fields. This district also follows Henry Douglas, suspicious Metrocity Bank CEO, who sent the letters to Setil family.

Market Centre (#13-#18)

Market Centre is the third district of Metrocity.

Fortress (#19-#24)

Fortress is the fourth district of Metrocity.

Tech Town (#25-#30)

Tech Town is the fifth district of Metrocity.

Universety (#31-#36)

University is the sixth district of Metrocity.

Sporty Fields (#37-#42)

Sporty Fields is seventh district of Metrocity.

Money Street (#43-#48)

Money street is the eight district of Metrocity.

Monasteria et Ecclesias(#49-#54)

Monasteria et Ecclesias is the ninth district of Metrocity.

City Centre (#55-#60)

City Centre is the tenth district of Metrocity.

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