Message from the Past
General information
Season 2
City Stockholm, Sweden
Region Scandinavia
Case # 17
Initial release date 31st March 2021
Partner(s) Violetta Rose (All Chapters)
Lena Petersson (1 task in Secrets Surrounded by Mist 4)
Case chronology
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The Midnight Hour Silence Strings that Hold Back
As one of our own is getting suspicious thanks to the notes belonging to the recent victim and a company's shady dealings are exposed by Lena's skills, it's time to go to Sweden to check out if there's any connection between Dinamo and Matrix Alliance. But someone awaits there who got stabbed to his heart, and this time it has something to do with the past. Because, it isn't safe to mess with time as it tends to mess back, and now you're gonna need to deal with some events which are out of place.
—Case Teaser

Message from the Past is a case featured in Criminal Case as the seventeenth case of Mysterious Secrets of Europe (Season 2) and the seventy-third case overall. It is the fourth case to take place in the Scandinavia region.


After learning Dinamo's Swedish branch was sending Nidomenium based parts to different countries and that Director Carter might be the one who had manipulated former Norwegian agent Finn Syversen into murdering Chief Salminen's girlfriend, Tiina Laitinen, the team decided to come to Stockholm since they would be able to investigate both of the matters in that city. Anyway, at the main headquarter of the EASD which was situated in the aforementioned city, Chief Salminen paced back and forth, trying to understand if Finn's claims were true. Violetta then approached him and asked why'd he hide all those secrets from them, and Chief Salminen shook his head, saying he had plenty of reasons to do so and that he had never wanted to bring back the memories before pointing out that Violetta had done the same with her secrets given she hadn't also told anyone, including her best friend turned girlfriend, about the incident regarding her late brother. Violetta thought a bit and got his point as she asked him what to do ahead, and he replied that Director Carter was currently busy with a lot of meetings which was why he hadn't been able to receive his calls. As Violetta said it was fishy, Chief Salminen said they should check things out more before suspecting Director Carter given he wasn't a manipulative person. Right then, the duo got approached by Ellie, who informed them that the civilians had found a body inside a cave near the forest, prompting Chief Salminen to assign the player and Violetta to investigate the murder.

Ellie pulled Violetta into a hug and kissed her gently as the latter left with the player, soon reaching the aforementioned cave where tomb raider Leif Nordin was lying dead with a stab wound on his heart. They then shipped the body to Nicholas, the team quickly searched the place and discovered Leif to be one of the clients of Finnish actress Anna Martinen's girlfriend, prostitute Lisbeth Bergstrom. So, they went to question Lisbeth who said that it was sad to see the tomb raider gone and that he had mentioned his raiding tombs several times during their private moments, prompting Violetta to recall that she had read an article about an entire graveyard being raided a few days ago. Suspecting Leif had done it, the team then searched the graveyard for clues and soon flagged British socialite Cathy Crittenden, who turned out to be Director Carter's daughter-in-law, and local supernatural enthusiast Scarlett Wilde as suspects, given Cathy had gone to the graveyard the previous day although she refused to disclose the reason, while Scarlett had bumped onto the victim but got terrified when the latter had started following her, saying she had reminded him of someone he used to know. Anyway, Nicholas assumed that the murder weapon was most likely a letter opener and that the killer ate energy bars, since he was able to find energy bar crumbles around the wound.

Soon later, as the duo recapped the case, Lena grabbed her hair and appeared at the breakroom, saying someone had entered Dinamo's server and shut it down, disallowing her to keep track of their shipment details. However, as she revealed that she wasn't able to trace the hacker but that they had done so from inside the aforementioned company, the team looked around Dinamo's office and eventually discovered that tech savvy Stella Mercury's brother, Axel Mercury had hacked inside the server to collect information about their shipments, sensing someone might try to delete the intels given the EASD was after the company, however, when confronted, he complimented Lena by saying that she was quite a skilled techie seeing how she had managed to track him down. Besides, paranormal investigator Jessica Lindqvist was also flagged as a suspect after the team learnt that she had teamed up with the victim the previous week when the victim had raided the tombs, thinking she'd be able to find something supernatural there. Meanwhile, it was also revealed that Cathy had briefly dated the victim almost twenty years ago and that the victim had tried to reconnect with her recently which she had refused, while Scarlett had received a decades old moonstone necklace from Leif which surprisingly bore her name, although she had no idea if it was truly hers although the tomb raider had claimed that she was the necklace's owner and that she would need to use it properly when the time would come, leaving her confused.

After a while, while taking a stroll around the busy street, Lisbeth approached the team and raised her eyebrow, saying she might have something important to share with them. Hearing so, the duo asked her to spill her secrets as she revealed that Leif had stopped hiring her and started to see her as a friend, and that he had told her about his working for Dinamo for a while a few years ago before returning back being a tomb raider. Violetta found Leif's being a Dinamo employee suspicious and suggested they should check out the office once again, and after doing so, they learnt that Jessica had planned to hand Leif over to the police just because the victim had refused to give her a haunted amulet which he had found inside a tomb, while thanks to Lena, who was too excited about Axel given the hacker was her idol from her childhood as well as her inspiration to choose her career as a tech expert, the team came to know that he had followed the victim for a few days after finding an old diary belonging to supernatural hunter Newt Darkstone containing the procedure to build a time machine which the victim had buried with some of his belongings, leaving him and his sister confused and surprised.

Anyways, the team finally got all the clues needed to arrest Jessica and end the perplexing investigation.

When confronted about the murder, Jessica played innocent and asked what were they talking about, causing Violetta to show her all the proofs to establish the fact that she had murdered Leif. However, Jessica stood silent, not willing to confess as she shook her head repeatedly, saying that she had never done anything like that. Anyways, the team then kept pressuring her although she seemed to be a hard nut to crack, but finally Violetta lost her cool and decided to take her to the International Court with the player. When she proceeded to handcuff Jessica, the paranormal investigator's eyes suddenly went blank and she grabbed her hair, pulling it intensely as she murmured that some painful memories were coming back to her. Violetta tilted her head as she got confused but still handcuffed her, keeping a safe distance from Jessica who kneeled down on the ground for a while before giving them a lifeless look. She then revealed that while raiding the tombs with Leif, she had found a parchment which warned them that the ghost of the graveyard would take his revenge if a stealer ever dared to dig his grave and take his precious artifacts. Knowing how dangerous ghosts could be, she had showed the parchment to Leif who had got a little scared but played it off, saying they had things to finish, prompting Jessica to follow him reluctantly. But the next day, she had started feeling dizzy and seeing a bloodstained, unknown guy in her mirror time to time, freaking her out. Feeling the ghost had done something to her, she had met with Leif inside the dark cave where the tomb raider was sitting alone. However, Leif had gotten terrified as well and started giving her suggestions as for what to do ahead, but suddenly the ghost who had possessed Jessica unleashed his fury and pulled out a letter opener from the paranormal investigator's bag before stabbing Leif on the heart for stealing his things. Then, the ghost had left Jessica's body and left her lie unconscious there before she regained her sense and found Leif's body, causing her to run away. Not understanding whether they should believe her, the team escorted her to the International Court where Judge Martin seemed unsure about her sentence and ordered the EASD to investigate about the matter in order to see if Jessica's claims were true.

Post-trial, given the paranormal state of the motive, Violetta wondered how to be sure that Jessica wasn't lying, and Sav suggested that they should search the main crime scene once again for clues. As Violetta said that it was a good idea, Ellie approached the team and informed them that Cathy was actually an investor of Dinamo, and that they should check it out as well.

First off, Violetta and the player went to the cave where they found a locked camcorder and Jessica's bag containing a faded parchment. Suspecting the parchment was the same one the paranormal investigator had mentioned during her arrest, the team quickly retrieved the letters written on it, revealing a threat just like Jessica had claimed. Despite seeing how the parchment was speaking in Jessica's favour, Violetta examined the quality of the parchment and got convinced that it wasn't an old parchment. So, the player suggested they should show it to Scarlett, and Violetta nodded before visiting the supernatural enthusiast with the player who carefully examined it along with the threat, and said that she had never heard about the ghost of the graveyard which was awkward, given she had searched the whole city for supernatural creatures, and that the paper was clearly not old, as well as the handwriting strongly resembled Jessica's one. Violetta laughed hard, wondering why'd Jessica even bother to write a threat herself when her acting skills were quite realistic. Right then, the trio heard a sound, and Violetta looked outside only to spot Jessica tiptoeing away. Not willing to let her go, both Violetta and Scarlett jumped on her as the former handcuffed her, ordering her to reveal the true motive. Jessica sighed, and muttered she had made up the whole story to make them believe her, but that she had never thought the parchment would give her away. Violetta kept laughing and said that it was her downfall, and Jessica finally explained that Leif had found out all the videos featuring her paranormal investigations were fake and that she had made them using existing clips just to be famous, as well as had tried to mess with the supernatural world while inspiring others to do the same. Scarlett snapped and said that she had no rights to lure others to the dangerous world, and Jessica whispered that Leif had also threatened her that he would tell the whole world how she was a fraud which would ruin her reputation, which was why she had decided to silence him. Violetta then smirked before thanking Scarlett as she took Jessica to the International Court where Judge Martin sentenced her to 53 years in prison for the murder and for trying to distract the police using tricks and false clues.

On the other hand, after unlocking the camcorder, the team sent it to Lena who revealed that the camcorder had recorded a fight between a disguised Finn and Director Carter. As Violetta asked her to give them details, Lena rolled her eyes and said that according to the video it seemed that Director Carter hadn't been able to recognize Finn and that the latter had confronted him about manipulating him into murdering Tiina. Violetta got surprised seeing how Finn had dared to blow his cover and grill Director Carter in Stockholm, and Lena nodded, saying Finn had almost cornered the director before the latter had threatened to arrest him, silencing Finn in the process. However, Violetta said that she believed Director Carter had to have something there, and asked Lena if he was free right then. Lena then checked the meetings and revealed that he was currently in a meeting but that they'd be able to talk with him after an hour, prompting the duo to wait for him. Right when both the player and Violetta were turning impatient, Director Carter entered the headquarter and explained he had been very busy for a few days which was why he hadn't been able to talk with Chief Salminen. Violetta then directly asked him about Finn's confrontation, and he pouted, saying he regretted not being able to catch him without raising his suspicion. Violetta asked if he could recognize him, and he nodded, smirking as he explained he had just pretended to not know him in order to see if he had got something to frame him, given he was pretty sure someone behind the scenes was ordering him to go after him. Violetta then asked how could they trust him, and the director said that they should, and that he had assigned multiple agents to put him behind bars right after he had left the place. He then smirked, saying it was good to see that Finn had got nothing which might be able to ruin his reputation before questioning himself why'd someone want Finn to go after him, and Violetta sarcastically said that they shouldn't be so sure about someone appointing Finn to frame him since he could be the one responsible for Tiina's murder. Hearing so, Edmund snapped and coldly said that she should try to reduce her sarcasm and straightforwardness and that the only reason she was still an EASD agent was because Marko had refused ditching her from the multiple times although most of the members of the committee, including Edmund himself, had wanted her gone seeing her personality. Violetta stood silent for a while as Edmund said that he had a lot of meetings to attend and that he had nothing with Marko's, who was like his son, girlfriend's demise before leaving the place.

Meanwhile, the team went to see Cathy who admitted that she had invested multiple times in Dinamo but that she hadn't found it relevant enough to mention in front of them. Violetta asked why'd she invest there given the company was quite suspicious, and she thought a little before saying that the time travelling equipment had caught her attention which was why she was investing there in order to allow the scientists to build a time machine which she was intending to use time to time. Violetta suggested her to not to be that fascinated with time travel and she replied that she didn't care if it was harmful. However, after the team explained that it was possible for Dinamo to work for Matrix Alliance and that they also believed they were trying to mess with time, Cathy crossed her hands and said that they could take a look around the company's office, prompting the team to do so. After searching the place, the team found Cathy's purse containing her credit card which was sent to Lena. After analyzing it, Lena said that Cathy was keeping an eye on the money that she had invested, and that she could find out how Dinamo was using the money to make time travelling equipment, but that they were also shipping a lot of the money to Gothenburg. When asked about the reason, Lena shrugged and said that she was yet to find that out before blushing, saying Axel might know something about it since he was after the company. As the team then decided to question Axel, Lena asked if she could join them as Violetta giggled noticing her blushing. Lena explained she didn't have a crush on Axel and that she had a girlfriend, before saying that she would like to thank him for being an inspiration to her. So, the trio then went to see the hacker who scratched his head and said that he couldn't find anything which would be helpful to them regarding Dinamo sending Cathy's money to Gothenburg but that he was sure his sister had found out something about it, however, she had unfortunately lost the USB containing the information about Dinamo at the graveyard earlier that day, as she had gone there with a friend to see the latter's parents' grave. The team then thanked him as Axel playfully laughed and said that he still wondered how they had found out that he was the one who had hacked into Dinamo's server, and Violetta nudged Lena with her elbow, revealing she was the one who had done it. Axel smiled and said that she was a genius techie, and Lena smiled back, saying that he was the one who had inspired him to be a techie at the first place ever since she was a teenager and that choosing the path of programming was one of the only things which had saved her from depression which was caused by the constant bullying she had to go through during high school times for having Asperger's disorder. Axel said that he was glad to know how he had indirectly helped her overcome the obstacles, and she nodded, saying his videos and tutorials had helped her a lot to be the girl she was then. Axel then smiled and offered her to come inside his room so they could connect their social media accounts, and Lena got surprised, causing Axel to laugh and say that he liked to make friends and that he could feel that they could be really good friends since they had similar interests. Lena blushed and said that it sounded nice as she wished the duo good luck before following Axel, who decided to show her how to be entirely stealth while hacking into something.

Anyway, Violetta and the player then searched the graveyard where they found a locked phone and a flower bouquet. Firstly, they unlocked the phone which belonged to Albanian engineer Qendrim Qosja. Being curious, Violetta decided to check the phone as Lena was with Axel, and soon she found the latest conversation between Stella and Qed right underneath 20+ unread messages of British-Maltese realism artist Bastjan Sesino which were basically explicit memes. Seeing those, Violetta laughed hard before coming back to reality after the player poked her, and then the duo checked out Qed's conversation with Stella which showed that the tech savvy had ordered Qed to go inside Innovative Tech's restricted area in order to get some photos or maybe even equipment which would be able to let her determine what was going on. Understanding Qed hadn't gone to Copenhagen for nothing, the team questioned him who raised his eyebrow and said that Stella had indeed asked him to sneak inside InT after learning that the company was willing to hire him, thinking the company was up to no good, and soon her theory strengthened when they literally threw Qed out the office after finding him lurking around. Qed sighed and said that he was feeling bad enough after failing to get any sort of information since he had same thoughts as Stella. Finally understanding the reason of Qed's presence in Denmark, Violetta then informed him about Bastjan's messages, causing him to narrow his eyes and say that it would be better for her to not mention that since Stella had already read them and roasted him for two hours straight, making Violetta laugh and say that it was good to see he had such a friendly relationship with Stella, and Qed looked upwards, smirking before saying that she certainly had no idea about Stella's true nature and what he had to do to put up with her works. Anyways, he then went away before advising them to keep InT under surveillance besides Dinamo since they believed the former could also be affiliated with Matrix Alliance.

The team also examined the aforementioned bouquet which had caught their attention, and soon found Stella's USB key. They then returned the key to Stella, who had dyed her hair pink, hoping she might give them some useful information. Seeing it, Stella thanked the team and laughed saying how she was correct when she had said after the Katowice incident that they'd meet again, and the team nodded as she explained that Dinamo was sending a part of all the investors' money to Gothenburg anonymously but that the reason was still unclear. She then muttered that the way they were sending time travelling equipment to the Scandinavian capitals except Helsinki was also bothering her, thinking there was something going on in the capital of Finland. Violetta pointed out Gothenburg was also not matching the pattern of capitals, and she agreed with her, saying she believed Matrix Alliance, and possibly Dinamo as well as InT were trying to build a time machine which would allow them to change the past and future, since time traveller Bianca Newton had indirectly warned her and Scarlett that it might happen. Violetta wondered why Bianca hadn't told them anything clearly, and Stella explained it was because the smallest detail could alter the timeline which was why she had decided not to do anything unless highly necessary. The team then thought about the things a bit and Stella said that they could talk with her about anything they wanted given she was free, and Violetta replied they got their answers before remembering something, asking if she was alright since Axel had mentioned about her taking a break. Stella smiled and asked if Ashley hadn't told them anything, and the team asked if she was supposed to, causing Stella to realize that the historian was also unaware about her brother, writer Manuel Steinberg's breakup with the tech savvy. Violetta said that she was sorry, and Stella told her not to be, explaining they were still very good friends and that they had no fights of something, it was just that dating him had made her realize she was totally into girls before bitterly admitting her mother and Qed, alongside multiple other people, were always correct about her being a lesbian. She then added that both of them liked each other but that the situation was the same as the one she and Scarlett had to face back when they were dating as teenagers, since Scarlett had also realized she was straight, causing Stella to advise Scarlett to follow her heart just like Manuel had done in her case, with both of the relationships breaking in the process. As both Violetta and the player gave her a sad look, she giggled and told them not to look so concerned as it was alright, saying she'd find a girlfriend someday.

Back at the station, Lena, Violetta and the player met with the others as Violetta told Chief Salminen everything directly, not wanting to engage in small talk. Sav said that they should go to Gothenburg next to see what Dinamo was trying to do with the investors' money, and Chief Salminen agreed with her before saying that the theory of someone trying to frame Director Carter by manipulating Finn seemed plausible to him, causing Violetta to get moody after hearing Edmund's name. Noticing it, Chief Salminen asked was it and Violetta asked him why he wasn't just firing her when most of the EASD committee were annoyed with her and wanted to drive her out, and he replied that their team was like a family where the members needed to stick together, and that she was too smart and intelligent for him to even consider her gone. Violetta rolled her eyes and bitterly thanked him, and he replied that she had a place in the team and that she shouldn't let someone else's words get over her before ordering the whole team to get ready.



  • Leif Nordin (Got stabbed to the heart)

Murder Weapon

  • Letter Opener


  • Jessica Lindqvist



Killer's Profile

  • The killer is afraid of the dark.
  • The killer eats energy bars.
  • The killer drinks mulled wine.
  • The killer's blood type is A+.
  • The killer sports sunglasses.

Crime Scenes

Dark Cave Escape Route Dark Cave Bonus
Graveyard Raided Tomb Graveyard Bonus
Dinamo Main Hall Server Control Room Dinamo Main Hall Bonus


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Secrets Surrounded by Mist (4/6)



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