مستخدم ابن مجهول

aka ERROR 404

  • I live in animals barn
  • My occupation is ERROR 404,if it's any of yer business!
  • I am ERROR 404
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  • Heya, well, ready to do the interrogation transcript xD?

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    • Also trivial note:the last a in gawdat is short one like in adham,so its pronounced gawdt

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    • Okay, thanks for that.

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  • You have been reading and following my series right? Thank you for your support!

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      • randolph-BEST
      • henry staner/judas
      • justice and truth
      • out of the dark (although its the most shocking one,good but some sort of tragic)
      • diane parker and ray parker (although ray didnt appear,but they brought a hero son)
      • louis × nicki
      • when they rescued rupert from death
      • when that bitch......error 404
      • when adam pennyworth however his age,fight the invading wave
      • when the police united with the heroes
      • when zoe turned to be diomedes daughter
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    • Thank you 😊

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  • I saw that you had rated it 4.6/5.

    First of, thanks.

    Second, may I know what made you take out 0.4 points? 

    It's to know what we could do better next time.

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  • Hi مستخدم ابن مجهول, welcome to Criminal Case Official Fan-Fiction Wiki! If you are receiving this, it means you have made your first edit or comment to the With Your Eyes Closed page and we thank you for that! This is the official Criminal Case Fanon wiki where anyone can edit, even you! Be sure to read the rules and if you are looking to join the real wiki, click right here!

    Please leave a message on my wall if you need help with anything!
    Good luck with your fanon storyline!
    CoolCCMystery (talk) 09:10, March 1, 2018 (UTC)

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