Mercedes Bebal
Full name Mercedes Bebal
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1982
Nationality British
Residence Botanical Gardens, Kensington Heights, England
Family Troye Bebal (Son)
Profession Housewife
Appearance(s) Breaking Free

Mercedes Bebal was a suspect in the investigation of Troye Bebal in Breaking Free (Case #8 of Kensington Heights).


Mercedes is a 34 year old housewife and the mother of Troye. She wears a crocodile skin dress that forms leopard print. She has long brown hair, he dress is sodden from the rain. It is known she has a cold and eats nuts.

Height 5'6"
Age 34
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood B-

Role in Case(s)

Breaking Free

Mercedes was first spoken to when her credit card was found in Troye's wallet. ROX-ANN revealed that Troye had stolen her credit card. Mercedes was outraged and told him that she would have a conversation with him when he got home. ROX-ANN (rather awkwardly) had to tell Mercedes Troye was dead, leaving her distraught. Mercedes said that she couldn't believe it, and asked if it was all the nuts she ate around him that caused it.

Mercedes was spoken to again she was found locked in a shed. She had lasted there all night, and was in shock, she had heard the door shut behind her, and then everything had gone dark. Mercedes said that she had gotten so ill that her cold had been replaced with something else.

Mercedes was found innocent when Zara Monty was found guilty of killing Troye.

After the trial, the team spoke to Mercedes Bebal, who had had her life torn apart ever since Troye's death. Mercedes said that by the pond, where Troye was killed, were some snowdrops were being planted, Troye's birth plant. At the pond, the snowdrop seeds were left among some flowers, and the team returned them to Mercedes, who thanked them and planted them on Troye's grave.



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