Memorial Bay is the third district of Criminal Case: Justice Department.

Background Information

Memorial Bay serves as a monument for the historical war that occurred around the bay, known as the Acropolis Civil War. According to historical records, the war broke out when half of the settlers in Acropolis decided to rebel against the founding fathers' principles and establish a new and "suitable" government for their population. Of course, the rebels lost due to the heroism of Captain Virgil Frazier.

However, Virgil's comrade and war veteran Giles Sellers had suspicion over Virgil's newfound glory and came up with the conclusion that Virgil easily destroyed the enemy as a way to betray them after colluding with the rebels in the war.

Events In Justice Department



  1. "Marching To Eternity"
  2. "Mourning Till Death"
  3. "Respect Not Earned"
  4. "Digging Deeper"
  5. "In Navy Jones' Locker"
  6. "Forever Remembered"


Memorial Bay Characters
Acropolis Justice Defence Force

Lt. Tara Wong, Lt. Eric Wayne, Sgt. Bertie Summers, Chief Kathryn Watkins, Dr. Graham Fraser, Dr. Candy Orson, Elliot Rothman, Travis Nash, Stefan Martin


Private Joshua Gunther, Adela Wingate, Charlene Addison, Darryl Wade, Lt. George Doyle, Giles Sellers


Corporal Rosa Cobb, Lt. Gordon Warwick, Tatiana Sellers, Colonel Charlie Kennard, Dal Salvatore, Jessica Frazier, Carlo Morelli, Stan Wingate, Pete Bronson, Alexandra O'Malley, Ned Addison, Donald Sellers, Carrie Moore, Ben Watanabe, Henrietta Jacobs, Lt. Timothy Cobb, Anton Kovack, Claire Bosner, Judith Van Ness, Cora Darling, Ambrose Frazier

Minor Characters

Captain Virgil Frazier, Lt. Miyamoto Watanabe, General Boris Vasilievich

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