Melody Hart
Biographical information
Full name Melody Hart née Kiss
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1975
Nationality Flag of USAAmerican
Residence Grimsdale, U.S.
Family Kelemen Kiss (son)

Edit Kiss (daughter; deceased)

Partner(s) Andras Kiss (ex-husband)

Dionysus (ex-boyfriend)

Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #14: Anthem of Death (S1)

Melody Hart appeared as a quasi-suspect in Anthem of Death (Case #14 of Grimsdale), and Accidents Can Happen (Case #24 of Grimsdale)


Height 6'6"
Age 43
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood AB-

Events Of Criminal Case

Anthem of Death

Melody was spoken to, after Mia and Hamilton saw her yelling Kelemen’s name. When they asked her what is wrong, she explained that the school principal told her that Kelemen sneaked out of the dorms, and that she suspects that he went to this concert.

After they found Kelemen, he begged Mia and Hamilton to help him, as he is afraid of his mother. They hesitated, but agreed anyway. When they brought Kelemen to Melody, they told her he was never at concert and was actually held custody for something he never did 10 hours ago. Melody believed them at first, until she realized they were teenagers, and so started sniffing Kelemen, where she detected the scent of alcohol. Mad, she scolded him, and pulled him to the train station by his ear.

After the team prepared Mia to sing in the concert instead of Lana Martyn and Dorothy Miller, Hamida felt pity for Kelemen, and so they went into the train station, where Hamida seduced Melody into allowing Kelemen to come to the concert.

Accidents Can Happen

Melody Hart barged in the station, terrified, asking the team for help. Hamilton and Hamida went to check on Melody Hart. Melody started crying, shouting how she just wanted to protect Kelemen. She then explained to them, that like every demigod’s parent, Melody knew about the existence of greek deities. In addition, she knew about The Anoterous, and she wanted to protect Kelemen from them, which is exactly why she doesn’t want him to get out of the house, and stay up late, afraid that they would approach him and try to convince him to join, and if he refused, they’ll hurt him. She tried controlling him, by sending him to a boarding school, Fairview High, where he isn’t allowed to stay outside in the night, and can only spend time home at the weekends. Unfortunately, that didn’t work, so she begged her ex-husband in Autumn Springs, who is very strict, and wouldn’t allow anyone in the house to go outside unless they are over 18, and would force the household into labour, so they would get enough time in the days to have fun. She managed to convince him, and told Kelemen she’d send him there. Kelemen didn’t take it well, and so he pushed his mom and ran off, and now she couldn’t find him anywhere. Hamida and Hamilton agreed to help her, and went to search the pond.

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