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Megan Staples
Biographical information
Full name Megan Kayla Staples
Gender Female
Status Free
Nationality Flag of United States.png American (Blue Coasts)
Occupation Medical examiner (coroner)
Family Susana Staples (daughter)
Affiliation(s) Blue Coasts Police Department
Game information
First appearance A Snob Case
Game stats
Height 6'00"
Age 31
Weight 199 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood B-
Hair Brown
C'mon, girl, you only live once! When will you have the chance to go to Polynesia again? Do you think I'll still have this beautiful body in 40 years? Chances only come once!
—Megan trying to twist Nora's arm into travelling to Polynesia.

Megan Staples is one of the central characters in PetersCorporal's second season and a coroner working for the Blue Coasts Police Department.


Megan is a very intelligent and quick-thinking woman from Blue Coasts with a deep interest in biology and the human body. She got a job as a medical examiner for the local police forces and being someone who loves her job and does it with passion, her good reputation took her to the Chief's team in no time. She was once in a situation in which she had no choice but to adopt a little girl and since then, she has become her daughter and the closest person to her. She likes travelling and going to expensive restaurants a lot.

Role in cases

During their first case in Blue Coasts, the player meets Megan and her daughter Susana Staples, who barges into the morgue to greet the player. Megan explains that she has no one who can take care of Susana while she works, so she has to bring her to the HQ whenever she has to work, but promises that she would start going to kindergartner the following year.

As the player was arresting local Commander Everett Sanderson for being a member of MAFIA, he started slowly reaching for his gun to attack the team without anybody but Megan noticing. In a reflex, she grabbed a tranquilizing dart that she had for some reason, and shot Everett with it, prompting him to faint before he had a chance to attack.

During an argument with Nora MacMillon, which ended with the latter slapping her across the face, Megan mentions having adopted Susana and described her adoption as something "brave" of her to do.

Megan's trips

A running gag in the series is that Megan is constantly travelling to different countries to take vacations and she always tries to tell anecdotes or at least mention one of her trips when someone talks to her. In each case, she mentions a different country she's been to according to what reminded her of her trip.

  • A Snob Case - France: While explaining that the case killer ate escargot, she says the dish reminds her of her holidays in France.
  • Corpse Within The Dead - China: While she does not mention any of her trips in this case, Nora says that Megan brought her some anti-stress balls from her trip to China.
  • Conquest Of Paradise - Bahamas: Since the case takes place on October 12, she mentions having been to the spot where Colombus first disembarked in the Americas, in Bahamas.
  • Manhunt - Wales: Since Halloween was approaching, Megan and Susana decorated the lab with jack o'lanterns and she mentioned having been to Wales together, "the home of Halloween".
  • Hollywoods - Mexico: Due to the case taking place on the Day of the Dead, Megan and Susana decorate the lab with colored skulls that Susana became obsessed with after seeing them in their trip to Mexico.
  • Snow Bunnies - Norway: After seeing some photos of the murder scene, Megan mentions that she hasn't been to a snowy beach since her last trip to Norway.
  • Slip Of A Tongue - Brazil: Since the case takes place on Blue Coasts day, when celebratory parades are held, Megan compared the local celebration to a carnaval she saw in Recife, Brazil.

  • Price Of Beauty - England: Megan remembers having seen the Miss World beauty pageant in London because of the murder taking place in the beauty pageant of Miss Blue Coasts.
  • Sargassum Slaying - Haiti: Because of the murder being committed with sargassum, Megan remembers her volunteer work in Haiti to help clean their beaches.
  • Deathblood Whirlpool - Japan: Since the case victim was left dead in a jacuzzi, Megan said she wouldn't be able to sit in an onsen in her next visit to Japan.
  • Phantom Ballplayer - Switzerland: After a baseball player gets murdered before a game, Megan talks about the time she went to the IBAF headquarters in Switzerland.
  • Castaway Corpse - Canada: Since the victim had been left on his functioning motorboat alone, Megan remembered the disappearance of the Andrea Gail ship while she was in Halifax as a kid.
  • All-Points Bullets - Argentina: Because of the case taking place in an abandoned pier, Megan compares the local docks to Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires.
  • The Hottest Girl - Italy: After the victim died burnt alive, Megan talks about how bad she feels for Pompeiians who died in the Mt Vesubius eruption, and Nora tells her not to turn it into another conversation about her trip to Italy and telling the "gondolier anecdote" once again.

  • Hell Freezing Over - Russia: Due to the case victim being frozen alive, Megan says that dying frozen was her biggest fear while she was trekking in the Russian Alps.
  • Flight Of Fantasy - South Africa: After autopsying the body of an airplane pilot, Megan remembers the pilot on her flight to South Afric whom she had had a crush on.
  • Six Feet Later - Egypt: Since the case victim had died 6 years before and her body was decomposed, Megan talked about the conservation state of a mummy she'd seen in Egypt.
  • Slay Of The Art - Chile: The case took place in Shokunin Grove, where artists and artisans sell their crafts. Megan complained that Jerry hadn't even brought her one souvenir, and says that she'd bought 5 little moai for him during her trip to Chile.
  • Tombstone Groove - Saudi Arabia: Megan was absent in this case since she was, alas, vacationing abroad. However, Kyle said that Megan would mention the coffee she had drunk in Saudi Arabia in the autopsy results due to the victim dying from a poisoned coffee.
  • Cat Pursuit - Micronesia: Megan is back from her trip to Micronesia and complains about not being able to tell her stories from her recent vacation due to there being a new murder case.
  • Yell Bloody Murder - Philippines: Since the previous case's clues included a Filipino dessert, Megan had started remembering the time she'd spent in a trip to the Philippines.

  • Land Of Milk And Vinegar - Nepal: Due to the case taking place in a honey ranch, Megan mentions the beekeeping techniques she learnt from local beekeepers during her holidays in Nepal.
  • Slayte - Colombia: The victim's last name remind Megan of Colombian personality Ingrid Betancourt, and the local elections remind her of that trip too since she'd been there during the Colombian presidential elections.
  • Bloodshed - Sweden: Because of the killer using a chainsaw in this case, Megan remembers visiting the Husqvarna factory in Sweden.
  • Enough Rope - Uzbekistan: While discussing the autopsy results, Megan claims that the victim's face reminded her of a mean flight attendant who had been rude to her in her flight back home from Uzbekistan.