Meera Kat
Biographical information
Full name Meera Abernathy
Alias(es) Meera Kat
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1993
Death 2018
Cause of death Cardiac arrest
Personal information
Nationality American
Profession(s) Artist
Family Eleanor Abernathy-mother

Megan Alan-adoptive sister

Game information
First appeared Case #1 Welcome To Laroy Bay
Meera Abernathy (1993-2018) , better known as Meera Kat, was a suspect in the murder investigation of young woman Connie Weber in Welcome To Laroy Bay (Case #1 of Laroy Bay) and Albert Sanders in Turning the Screw (Case #3 of Laroy Bay).She also made minor appearence in Curse of the Bloom Family.In Bite the Snake (Case #6 of Laroy Bay) Meera was found murdered.


Meera was a 25-year-old artist. She had short, wavy turquoise (naturally blonde) hair and sports black-rimmed glasses and a black hat.She wore a sky blue skintight shirt with purple epaulettes and black sleeves.

In her second suspect appearence,Meera got 3 stratches on her breast.

Age 25
Height 5'6''
Weight 130lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type 0-

Welcome To Laroy Bay

Meera became suspect after Diane and Player found her skin cells on burned branch that was used to burn Connie.Meera said that she met Connie at one of Meera's performances.They spend that evening together talking about art and stuff.

Meera was interrogated again because she was trying burn remaining evidences in LPBD's station.She said that she didn't harm Connie,but she wanted to create something with burned evidences.Diane arrested Meera for suspected murder.Meera was proven innocent after team arrested Daniella Morales for Connie's murder.Meera was released.

Curse of the Bloom Family

After local witch Melania ran into the woods, Megan Alan,Meera's sister,called Meera to find Melania.Meera said that she heard screams somewhere deep into the woods and she ran there to find Melania.Team lost Meera's signal.Marcus Young and Player went there to find Meera.

Turning the Screw

Meera was interrogated after she showed up in a crime scene.She said that she knows the victim.She and Albert were very good friends in high school.Also she said that she lost Melania somewhere deep in woods.

Meera was interrogated again when she returned with Albert's eyes.She said that they could be useful for her artwork.Team locked her up because she became the most serious suspect.

Meera was released when team arrested Jean Connerie for murder.

Meera wanted to talk with player about The Venom's member that kidnapped Brice Connerie.She claimed that she saw Melania near and that she could be the one that kidnapped Brice.She rewarded player with burger.

Bite the Snake

Meera was found dead near highschool bitten by 10 venom snakes.Jack said that the killer probably handles snakes.She had no chance of survival even after first bite.

Meera's killer was revealed to be Ognen RadionovHe told them that Meera found out that he is the leader,so he chased her to the local highschool,hit her with a rock and untied a bag full of venom snakes when he throwed the bag at her.He then tried to shot the player,but Megan shot him in the hand.Judge sentenced him to life imprisonment.

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