May Perkins (1987-2025) was the killer of her mother, June Perkins, in Stay Together, Die Alone (Case #3).


May was the daughter of June Perkins and August Perkins, the single mother of March Perkins, the niece of November Perkins, and the sister of April Perkins-Zimmer. She had brown hair, and wore earrings and flip-flops. It is known that she lifted weights and spoke German.

Height 5'6"
Age 38
Weight 148 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Blood Type A+

Role in Case(s)

Phoebe Yates and the player first interrogated May after they found a message in a bottle from June, asking for help from her. She confirmed that she was the victim's daughter. When asked what "our island" could be, she nervously said that she knew nothing and told the police to go away before running away, leaving August Perkins behind to talk to the force.

She was again interrogated when March came to Phoebe and the player, crying about her mother and her aunt fighting. May complained that June should have never given the rights to the mansion to April, because she did not care at all about the Perkins family. She further stated that she has been taking care of the mansion since June retired, and should have gotten the rights instead.

Phoebe and the player arrested her after the evidence pointed to her. May denied that she killed June at first. When Phoebe listed all the evidence incriminating her, May admitted guilt. Afterwards, she said nothing but "They're going to kill her."

In court, Judge Exodus Allegri wanted to know the reason behind the matricide. May finally broke out of her trance by saying, “Third of the month.” Thinking it useless, Judge Exodus sentenced May to 40 years in prison for matricide and her refusal to cooperate.

After May's trial, March said that May suddenly fell unconscious one day. March left to tell her aunt about what happened to May, only to come back to find her gone. About eight hours, she reappeared. May was interrogated after this conversation. After Phoebe spilled the details, May panicked. She told Phoebe and the player to check the Perkins mailbox, before she exploded in prison. Ferdinand Amado said that May died after someone detonated a surgically implanted explosive device inside her.

Phoebe and the player fulfilled her final wishes by finding the messages addressed to her, telling her to kill June or else March would be killed. Alden Holmes was only able to deduce little - namely, the victim was a male older than 40.

Case Appearances

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