May Norman
Biographical information
Full name May Norman
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1996
Nationality American
Residence Palmwood, U.S
Family To be revealed
Affiliation(s) Palmwood Police Department
Game information
Appears in Season One of Criminal Case (Palmwood)
First appearance New Beginnings
Are you seriously still using that old phone? It's time for an update.
—May Norman

May Norman is a main character in Season 1 , where she serves as the Tech Expert of the Palmwood Police Department.


23 years of age, May has brown eyes, and long blonde hair which she ties in with two messy bun. She dons a black shirt with binary code and a brown coat, a golden necklace.

She is described as unafraid to speak her mind, strong-willed, and fun-loving. She is interested in computers and new technologies, which explains her hacking background.


  • May's design was created by Bonnie
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