Matt Barry
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Biographical information
Gender male
Status Alive
Birth 1994
Nationality American
Residence St Ronde, U.S

Grimsbourough, U.S(formerly)

Game information
First appearance The death of Rosa Wolf(canon)

A neighborly Murder(fanon)

matt barry was a suspect in the murder investigations three people in St ronde however matt hails from

grimsbough and was a convict sentenced to life in prison for the murder of rosa wolf, however he was released from prison not long after he was sentenced

events of criminal case

A neighborly murder

Matt first became a suspect when a cloth with his name was found in the victim's room. Matt thanked the team for returning his cloth to him. However, he said he didn't know who glen was

Matt was questioned again about the money he sent to the victim he said that glen had promised that with the money he would buy matt a house. Matt, who was desperate, sent the victim as much money as humanly possible, But it turns out Glen was scamming Matt out of all of his remaining money.

Matt was found innocent when Rupert gleason was found guilty of the murder


Matt was found in touble again when the team 'Janah, thank you for the cash. -mr. Barry'

Matt was saddned at the death of his only friend from grimsbourough

Matt was questioned again when the team found a note of Matt accusing the victim of givng him counterfeit money. Matt said that when he first got the money he was grateful, but the he looked at the money and saw they were counterfeit. Janah was trying to get Matt back in prison

Matt was found innocent when the team arrest Zane zauber for murder

Homeless Death

Matt became a suspect for the third after the team found his hat, Matt said he only followed Sebastian because Chase, who's a good friend of his, asked him to

Matt was interrogated again about the angry message he wrote on a bottle of moonshine. Matt said that Sebastian wanted him to steal from stores. Matt said he wouldn't and tossed that moonshine botte as Sebastian

Matt was found innocent for murder a third time when Seikoh Wolf was arrested for murder

case appearances

A neighborly murder( case 2 of st ronde)

checkmate(case 3 of st ronde)

A senatorial crime(case 4 of St ronde: mentioned)

Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde)


Matt Barry is so far the only suspect or killer from canon to appear in my fanfiction

Matt Barry is one of the suspects who appeared in three cases

Matt was listed as being 24 in the three cases of St Ronde he appeared in. However, this isn't the case. This is a oversight as he should be 29

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