World Edition
General information
Season 3
Setting Various locations across the globe
Primary LEA The Explorations Agency
No. of cases in season 72
Released February 2nd, 2018
Season guide
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N/A To Be Announced

Master of the World is the title of the third season of Criminal Case. It was released on February 2nd, 2018.

After saving Florida from natural disasters along with being a top notch agent for the Florida Police Force, The Player is hired of the Explorations Agency, one of the best agencies in the entire world. What lies ahead of the player is behind their control, and must stop an originazination from causing utter chaos.


Master of the World features 9 districts with 6 cases each.

South America

This is where the Player starts their journey across the World in South America. He/she meets the team and starts their adventure.. red.

Case # Case Name Location
#1 Without a Trace North Atlantic Ocean
#2 The Candle at Both Ends San Juan, Puerto Rico
#3 Heart Over Heels Buenos Aires, Argentina
#4 Where Angels Fear to Tread Angel Falls, Venezuela
#5 Blind Eyes ???
#6 Under the Radar ???

North America

The Player and the team continue their adventure through North America, and are planning to watch the Olympics, and discover an universal terrorist militia.. the start of the battle.

Case # Case Name Location
#7 True Colors Las Vegas, Nevada
#8 Singing in the Rain Seattle, Washington
#9 Train of Thought Ontario, Canada
#10 Cheat The Worms New York City, New York
#11 Trampled! Juneau, Alaska
#12 Firm Hands Keystone, South Dakota
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