Mary Stuart
Biographical information
Full name Mary Stuart
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 1588
Cause of death Defenestration
Personal information
Nationality Kingdom of scotland Scottish
Residence Linlithgow Palace, Scotland, The Kingdom of Scotland
Profession(s) Queen of Scotland
Family Henry VIII (Relation)

Edward Tudor (Relation)
Henry Tudor (Relation)
Elizabeth Tudor (Relation)
Mary I (Relation)
Jane Tudor (Relation)

Affiliation(s) Scottish royal family
Game information
Appears in Parinaita (The Secrets)
First appeared Case #12: Out Tudor Window

Mary, Queen of Scots (1542AD-1588AD) was the victim in Out Tudor Window (Case #12 of The Secrets of Parinaita)


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Murder details

Mary was found dead on a Tudor street, bleeding from all over, it was confirmed that she was heading to her trail in London, the one where she would have her head chopped off a week later.

Killer and motives

The Killer turned out to be Tudor girl, Catherine Jarningham

"They went to Catherine's house and they questioned her about the murder but she tried to say that she was innocent. However, after telling Catherine that it would be better to just admit to the murder, she sighs and explained that she didn't think Mary was the real queen of Scotland. Edward was confused by this and asked Catherine what she meant. She then explained that she wasn't the real queen because of her marrying the French king, Francis II, She then explained about all her husbands seem to all die 2 years after murdering her. She then went on to blame the queen for every problem in Scotland and, after getting permission from the queen of England, She pushed Mary out of the window and then watched the blood drain from her. She then smirked and said that she was proud to serve the real king of Scotland, James."


  • Outside the Criminal Case universe, Mary, Queen of Scots was the Scottish queen from 14 December 1542 – 24 July 1567 before being excercuted by her cousin, Elizabeth, for attempted assassination.

Case appearances


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