Martin Jenkins is a character in PetersCorporal's second season, Blue Coasts.


Martin Jenkins' whereabouts and his identity are both surrounded by a lot of mystery, considering that the local database has no info about him other than his name and a photograph. The few people who have seen him, have only done so while he was apparently disguising himself with stuff such as sunglasses and a knitted hat. He was a top-ranking official in MAFIA, a criminal organization.

Role in cases

After the team arrested Clive Goldman for the murder of Mark Hilton, he said that he had been forced to commit the crime. He did not give much explanations during his trial, but George Nearnight told the player to visit Clive in his jail cell to get more information about who was the true author of the murder. Clive said that someone had approached him at Hilton & Hilton Club wearing sunglasses, a knitted hat and a scarf. This person had told him the MAFIA password ("it never rains but it pours") and had then handed him a note demanding the murder of Mark. This was Martin Jenkins but his name was unknown at the time.

Shortly after the previous events, Clive Goldman himself was murdered after escaping from jail along with his cellmate. The killer turned out to be another inmate, Nevada Hill, who had also murdered Clive under the orders of MAFIA. Nevada later told the team that someone wearing the same outfit Clive had described, had come into her cell and told her to kill him. This meant that the same person was behind both of the murders, and after examining a surveillance footage, they could identify him as Martin Jenkins.

After MAFIA agents raided the gated community Evergreen Paradise, vandalizing and stealing from houses, the team managed to identify Martin Jenkins in a picture that someone had taken of one of the vandals. Since he had been seen running towards the amphitheater, the player and Jerry Bryar investigated there, only to find out that the MAFIA agents had gotten into the gated community by using Homer Bryar's police badge, which had to have been given to them by someone within the team (who later turned out to be Thomas Ravens after being fooled by Gary Perkins, another MAFIA agent, into giving the badge to him).

Months later, Nevada Hill herself was murdered in a similar fashion to that of Clive's murder, meaning that MAFIA had silenced her for revealing information about them to the player. However, the team didn't know at the time if Martin had also ordered her murder or if it had been some other MAFIA agent. During the investigation, the team found out that Martin had sent all of the mail from Hilton & Hilton Club after Mark's wife, Vaninna Ballaffinte, decided to get rid of the club and disseminate every single object that used to be there by mail to several different locations, probably to hide something from the police. Nora MacMillon asked her where she knew Jenkins from, but Vaninna said that he was just a random guy she'd hired to take care of the mail issue.

After solving Nevada's murder, the team found out that Vaninna was actually the leader of MAFIA. Also, Gary Perkins ended up helping the player since he said he had no interest in being a criminal and his only interest in common with MAFIA was solving Reuben Thacks' cold case. Then, he gave the team a USB drive containing every single piece of information about MAFIA that he had gained during his time in the organization, listing every single one of their members (including members who were long dead) and most of the crimes they had committed. However, they found it particuarly strange that there was not even a single mention of Martin Jenkins in those files.

Even though every other MAFIA member ended up going to prison (except for Gary himself and Bella Matthews, who had made deals with the police and were more interested in the cold case than in crime), they could never find Martin Jenkins and he was therefore still free.

  • Slayte, Case #23 in Blue Coasts:

Even though he was now free, the team never got word of Martin Jenkins up until the Blue Coasts Mayoral Elections rolled around by order of the new Mayor, Danniel Svykozsky, member of the Socialist Coalition. The team was investigating another one of the 3 main political parties, the Civic Alliance, whose mayoral candidate was Andrea Kissling. Seeing that she had an informant who told her about stuff from within Svykozsky's party, they read some of the messages she exchanged with her unknown informant and discovered that there was some sort of connection between Mayor Svykozsky and Martin Jenkins. Svykozsky was asked about this, but he said that he had never met Martin Jenkins and that they had only communicated via e-mail since he was trying to hire him as a campaign advisor. However, when Nora told him that Martin was a murderer and a criminal, Svykozsky said that he would withdraw his offer in order to avoid getting involved with such a person.

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