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Marthin Farren is a main character throughout the entirety of PetersCorporal's second season, Blue Coasts. His implication in Reuben Thacks' death is basically the main mystery that needs to be resolved in the season.


Marthin was one of the first settlers in Blue Coasts, a Norwegian immigrant. He founded BlueChoco, a manufacturing company dedicating to (as the name indicates) making chocolates. Even before he is introduced by name to the series, it is presumed that he killed Reuben Thacks, although how and why this happened starts being slowly revealed later on in the season.

Role in cases

Season 1: Townville

Throughout the first season, the player investigates Dr. Cyanide, the secret alter ego of Barbara Thacks. Her purpose for her cyanide poisonings was to find out how Reuben Thacks, an ancestor of hers, had died. As the season carries on, it is discovered that there is a family feud between the Thacks family and the Farren family, resulting in a personal grudge from Barbara towards Linda Farren (a descendant of Marthin) and later in her murder. When the police discovered Barbara was Dr. Cyanide, she said that the Farrens had been the one to kill her ancestor.

Season 2: Blue Coasts

During their investigations in Evergreen Tops, the player had found out about Barbara's ancestor, Reuben Thacks, as well as MAFIA: the criminal organization that he had founded. However, no clue of the Farren ancestor yet, until Gary Perkins (whose family was also involved in the issue) decided to reveal important information about the cold case and about MAFIA to the player. He revealed the name of the Farren family member who was involved in the story: Marthin Farren.

After finding some old maps, Hans Rougel discovered that Marthin Farren had lived in South Coast, in a house right next to Elizabeth Perkins' one. Elizabeth was Reuben Thacks' lover at the time, and she kept note of every crime committed by his organization (MAFIA) because she did not approve of his actions and wanted to expose the organization. However, as a result of this, Reuben ordered her murder.

According to Hans, living next door to someone in a small town like Blue Coasts was at the time probably meant that Marthin and Elizabeth were also friends.

The player found some old documents and police reports that turned out to be all of MAFIA's crimes that Elizabeth Perkins had kept track of. However, the one to report them to the police had actually been her friend and neighbour, Marthin Farren himself. At this point, this explained the Thacks-Farren family feud, since Marthin had exposed Reuben's criminal activity to the police. However, Nora still doubted if Marthin would openly denounce a group of mobsters just because his neighbour had a strong sense of justice.

As Hans Rougel kept investigating Reuben Thacks' crimes, he found the one that he'd been sentenced to death for. According to the documents of the case, Marthin Farren had denounced him for stealing goods from BlueChoco, his company. However, this did not make sense since Reuben had been sentenced to death for royal treason and not for thievery. Regardless, they decided to relocate to the City Center, where BlueChoco's HQ was located.

During this case, Annabelle Chashiroua investigates more about the case and explains to the player the order in which the events ocurred. First, Elizabeth had been murdered and only after her death was it that Marthin decided to expose MAFIA using all of the information that his neighbour had left behind. Then only after that was it that Reuben decided to personally target Marthin and steal from his company. It is mentioned during this conversation that Reuben had robbed from one of BlueChoco's trucks that was transporting goods.

Since the player had gone to talk to Harry Buddock, the current CEO of BlueChoco, he decided to ask him if he knew any important details about that old robbery. He said that he had heard the story once and remembered that the truck which had been robbed was actually a cover-up for something else and not an ordinary goods-transporting vessel. He compromised to go through the company's old documents when he had the time to find more info.

Harry Buddock contacted the player again to inform of his findings. He said that he had found an old manuscript in which Marthin had attempted to write his autobiography, which the team kept, as well as an old planner from 1917. On it, the player saw that Marthin had arranged a meeting with the King of Frankland on November 15 (12 days before Reuben's execution). This had to have something to do with his death, since the team had now found out that Reuben had been sentenced to death for royal treason against the Kingdom of Frankland some days later after the visiting Royal Family held a parade on the streets of Blue Coasts.

Having read the manuscript of Marthin's autobiography, Annabelle said that Marthin had lived in a cabin located in what was now the district of New Lakeland before moving to South Coast next to Elizabeth Perkins' house. To investigate his old place, the team agreed to relocate to New Lakeland after they had taken care of some other stuff in the City Center. Moreover, Annabelle revealed that Marthin had also died on November 27, 1918, which was the day when Reuben Thacks was executed by hanging.

  • Slayte, Case #23 in Blue Coasts:

After finding an old fotograph of Marthin's cabin in New Lakeland, Annabelle showed it to the player and they were able to identify it as one of two different cabins that were still standing on the hillside by the lake. Marthin's old residence had been inherited by a descendant of his, Arnold Farren, who allowed the police to investigate the place.

Finally investigating Marthin's cabin, they found an old passport belonging to a certain Walter Rockwood. Upon analysis, Hans Rougel confirmed that it was just Marthin Farren using a fake identity. However, that fake name was mentioned in the files that Gary Perkins had to given to the player containing info about MAFIA. This meant that Marthin had also been a part of Reuben's organization, even in spite of being the one who had exposed all of its crimes. Thinking about all the things they knew, Nora MacMillon concluded that most probably, Marthin had plotted a scheme to get Reuben killed.

Marthin Farren
Biographical information
Full name Marthin Farren
Alias(es) Walter Rockwood
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death November 27, 1918
Cause of death Unknown
Nationality Flag of Norway.png Norwegian (Tromsø)
Residence Flag of United States.png South Coast, Blue Coasts
Occupation Businessman, company owner
Family Linda Farren (descendant)
Affiliation(s) BlueChoco (Founder & CEO)
Game information
First appearance Slip Of A Tongue (first mentioned by name)
Game stats
Height 5'10
Age 45
Weight 160 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood O+
Hair Brown
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