Martha Grosserman was the killer of park ranger Marie Stanton in Welcome to Toomeswood (Criminal Case Toomeswood exclusive)


Martha is a 37 year old tourist with blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair with one side lying over her right shoulder with brown sunglasses overtop and sports red lipstick.She wore a blue denim jacket with a beige blouse underneath and is holding a silver digital camera with her left hand. It is known that Martha is left-handed

Height 5'9"
Age 37
Weight 142 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood AB+

Events of Criminal Case

Martha was the killer of photographer Marie Stanton. She beheaded her and left her for dead at an abandoned camping site in Toomeswood. Martha's motive for killing Marie was never stated and she was given an automatic lifetime jail sentence upon arrest- without intervention from Judge Whiterock.

It was later revealed per the other innocent suspect, French-Irish harlot, Molly Greene, that Martha had been intoxicated when she committed the murder.


  • Martha is the only suspect that the player did not interact with
  • Martha is the only killer that the player did not interact with
  • Martha resembles Velma Bannister, a character from Criminal Case:Pacific Bay

Case Appearances

Welcome To Toomeswood (Criminal Case Toomeswood exclusive) Burn Into The Sun (Case #10 of Toomeswood;mentioned)

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