Listen, kid, if you want to survive in this world created by the devil himself, it's best to always carry a weapon with you wherever you go.
—A Call for Sisterly Love
Marla Beltran, appears as a main character in the fan made group Concordia Flying Squad.


24 years of age, Marla has long curly brown hair and bright blue eyes. She usually wears a purple t-shirt adorned with a picture of a cat wearing flamingo sunglasses, with her diamond necklace and police hat.

Marla usually keeps a rottweiler puppy in her handbag, she dreams that one day she can train it to be a police dog.

Height 5'1"
Age 24
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood O-

Events of Concordia Flying Squad

Joining the Team

Marla joined the team during the events of Ground Breaking, though it seems she was scheduled to join earlier, it was discovered that she has submitted applications prior, she was welcomed onto the team with open arms after her agreeance that she would not let Andrew's memory die.


  • Marla is one of the killer who was released for plausible reasons.

Case Appearances

As a main character, Marla appears in every case since her debut.

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