Mark Jaffason
Biographical information
Full name Mark Jaffason
Alias(es) Mark Jaffacakes (By Liam)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1952
Nationality Japanese-British
Residence Gottingham, UK

Tokyo, Japan (Formally)

Past profession(s) Investigator
Game information
Appears in Gottingham
First appearance The Castle that Went Missing (Case #1 of Gottingham)

Mark Jaffason is a main character in the series of Gottingham. He is the chief of police at the Gottingham Police Force and first appeared in The Castle That Went Missing (Case #1 of Gottingham). He also appeared in A Shock to the System (Case #37 of Parinaita)

He was a quasi-suspect in The Castle That Went Missing (Case #1 of Gottingham)





  • His last name is based on "Jaffa-cakes", which is also a joke in the very first case. (Where Liam Attender calls him "Mark Jaffacakes")
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