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Mariam Acar
Full name Mariam Acar
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death January 18, 2016
Nationality Flag of Tunisia.png Tunisian
Residence Tunis, Tunisia
Profession Politician
Affiliation(s) Tunisian Government
Appearance(s) Sewn to Death

Mariam Acar (Arab: مريم أكار) was the victim in Sewn to Death (Case #13 of the World Edition).


Mariam wore a red blazer jacket and skirt with a white shirt underneath with the first 3 buttons unbuttoned. She wore dark tights and red heels. She wore red rimmed glasses.

Murder Details

Mariam was found murdered on a street in Tunis with the Tunisian flag sewn into her cheeks and a tapestry on her chest. Sahir's autopsy revealed that the killer by the way that the flags were sewn in, the killer had skills in sewing.

Killer and Motives

Boran Akdag, a market worker murdered Mariam.

Mariam was known to make irrational decisions without listening to what anyone else would say. When Mariam was given the job of politician, she seemed to think that it held immense power, and one day, Mariam came over to Boran, and started yelling at him, and telling him that she was going to turn his market place into a skyscraper. Boran couldn't let that happen, and so, he stole a very expensive ornament from her, and pawned it. Mariam knew who it was within an instant, and walked over to Boran. He knew what she was going to do, and pushed her to the ground, knocking her out. He picked up a needle, and sewed a tapestry he had into her chest, and then the Tunisian flag, to show a reminder to everyone that everyone in Tunisia was equal.