Maria Taylor
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Biographical information
Full name Maria Taylor
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1994
Death 2018
Nationality American
Game information
Appears in In Criminal Case: Stanford Bay
First appearance Out of Breath

Maria Taylor appeared as a suspect in the murder investigation of Charlie Gunther in Out of Breath (Case #2 of Stanford Bay) and in the murder investigation of Robin Falcon in My Heart Won't Go On (Case #4 of Stanford Bay). She was murdered in Bang on Target! (Case #5 of Stanford Bay).


Maria is a 24 year old girl who lives in paradise beach. She is the neighbour of now late Charlie Gunther.

In her first appearance, it's known that Maria eats lobster, knows how to cook, knows how to swim and knows how to ride a bike.

Events of Criminal Case

Maria was interrogated when the player and Jennifer found out she was the victim's neighbour. Maria said the Victim was a good neighbour and often invited her to eat at his house.

Maria was interrogated again when the player and Jennifer found out that Maria texted the victim tto 'stop doing this'. After being asked about ot, Maria said that The victim was following her wherever she went and started to send her text messages, and she was feeling unsafe fo that.

Maria was found innocent after the player found enough evidence to arrest Robert Loris for the murder.

In paradise lost, Maria came in the station to report about her stolen purse and discovered that his friend from high school, Hasuro Haku, is in the force. After the player and Hasuro retrieved her handbag, Maria became happy and offered them t go out for lunch, which they gladly accepted.

Case Appearances

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