Marcilene Ashye
Biographical information
Full name Marcilene Ashye Nawkawa
Alias(es) Marcy
Gender Female
Status Dead
Birth April 14, 2000
Death August 7, 2016
Cause of death Knife in brain
Personal information
Nationality Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealander
Origin Invercargill, New Zealand
Past profession(s) Waitress
Notable relationships
Partner(s) Eduardo Midas (boyfriend)
16 For WAR
Game information
Appears in 16 For War
First appearance The Beginning of the End

Marclilene Ashye Is a player of 16 For War.


Hailing from Invercargill, New Zealand, Marcilene is a 16 year old girl. She was generally happy. But after ahe was placed on the 16 For War base, her personality made her become a unsuccessful person, always failing to kill people, resulting in her death in Suicide made by Assassin. She wore a short jacket, with an ocean design shirt underneath, she had black hair and she wore a white skirt with black details, she also wear glasses.

She tried to ally with several people to survive, but the only one who allied with her was Eduardo Midas, her boyfriend. She was killed by 4 year old Luna Sayynoynte.


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The Beginning

It appears at first being presented to others, but soon, she is one of the last to leave to survive, plus she has a plan to try to make an alliance with someone to survive.


  • She had already met with Luna Sayynoynte in Contained and Detained, but they only saw each other without discussion since the bomb will explode.
  • She committed suicide because Luna Sayynonynte had put a drug in your water.
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