"Marching To Eternity" is a case appearing in the Criminal Case series, Justice Department. It is the first case of the Memorial Bay district and the thirteenth case overall.


After settling disputes in Crown Estates and the player's settlement into their new home, the police department were visited by General Boris Vaselievich regarding Memorial Week. The general has given the Justice Defence Force the duty to prepare Memorial Bay for the week. The duty begins with Lt. Tara Wong and the player being sent to the barracks to check out the soldiers in training for the parade. Upon arrival, they witness Pvt. Joshua Gunther collapse and die during the trial march.

After the autopsy has been performed, it was determined by Dr. Graham Fraser that Pvt. Gunther died after drinking water that was laced with urushiol oil (oil produced by poison ivy). Dr. Fraser also found traces of the energy drink Croc-Aid on the lid of Gunther's water bottle, determining that the killer drank Croc-Aid.

In the conclusion of the case, it was discovered that lieutenant Gordon Warwick was behind Gunther's murder. After denying the accusations, Gordon admitted to killing Gunther, stating that Gunther witnessed him take illegal steroids to keep his strength up in the army. Gunther was a threat in ruining Gordon's military career, so Gordon laced Gunther's drink bottle with urushiol oil he extracted from the poison ivy crawling on barrack walls. In court, Judge Chandler gave Gordon Warwick a fitting 25-year sentence for murdering Joshua Gunther.

Upon finishing the main investigation, Tatiana Sellers, the Memorial Bay's history analyst, asked for the player to visit her grandfather, Giles Sellers, upon his request regarding the preparations for the Memorial Week. Giles informed the player that his time of passing is near and that he needed to reveal a secret about the Acropolis Civil War - he stated that Virgil Frazier, the city hero, had dark secrets hiding. The police found research files about Virgil Frazier in the military library, they were written by Jessica Frazier, Virgil's great-granddaughter. The file consisted of how Virgil knew the strategy of the enemy and how this led to Acropolis' army to defeat the enemy. Before they could speak to Jessica for more information, they were called in for another murder.



  • Pvt. Joshua Gunther (collapsed while marching)

Murder Weapon

  • Urushiol Oil


  • Gordon Warwick



Killer's Profile

  • The killer drinks Croc-Aid
  • The killer knows First Aid
  • The killer wears prosthetics
  • The killer is 6' tall
  • The killer wears blue clothing

Crime Scenes



Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Additional Investigation


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