March Perkins was a suspect in the murder investigation of her grandmother, June Perkins, in Stay Together, Die Alone (Case #3).


March is the granddaughter of June and August Perkins. She is the daughter of May Perkins, the niece of April Perkins-Zimmer, and the grand-niece of November Perkins. She has brown hair, and wears earrings and flip-flops.

Height 4'11"
Age 7
Weight 56 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Blood Type B+

Role in Case(s)

March was first interrogated after she asked what Phoebe Yates and the player were doing in the mansion's living room. In her interrogation, Phoebe was careful not to spill that June was dead. March said that her grandmother was the sweetest person and that she cared for her family a lot. According to her, lately, June was spending a lot of time in the porch, staring at what seemed to be nothing. Phoebe thanked her for her cooperation, and left already.

March then cried to Phoebe and the player. March said that her mother and that her aunt were fighting over something. They were throwing different words like "Dead", "Inheritance", "Disgrace", and "Fortune". Phoebe and the player immediately left to stop the fight between the sisters.

March was proven innocent when her mother, May, was incarcerated for June's murder.

Phoebe and the player talked to March once again, asking about her mother's actions in the past few weeks. March said that there was nothing really odd about her, except for one day when March found her unconscious in her room. March then left to talk to her aunt about what happened, then came back only to find her mother gone. She was found about seven hours later.

After her mother's death, April reported to the police that March went missing. Ferdinand Amado and the player then found March on the coast of the island facing The Reserve. Ferdinand was able to convince her to come back to the house, but she was still not talking to anyone. Ferdinand then found some pictures of her with her mother and a rag doll her mother meant to give her. He gave them to March, telling her to stay strong in the toughest time of her life. March then cried into Ferdinand's shoulder, telling him life would never be the same again. Ferdinand asked for some time alone with March soon afterwards.

Ferdinand said that he was able to console March, and that she was in the care of her aunt, her grand-aunt, and her grandfather.

Case Appearances

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