Marc LeBlanc was the killer of celebrity chef Jordan Dempsey in Fine Dying Experience (Case #3 of Hidden Missions).


Marc is a 59 year old chef and restauranteur who mentored Jordan. He has messy curly brown hair, brown eyes, notable wrinkles and growing a five o' clock shadow. Marc wears a chef jacket with black linings and buttons, he also wears a GritFit on his left wrist. In his suspect appearance, it was discovered that Marc had been to New Delhi, drinks rosewater champagne, use antiperspirants and suffers early stage Alzheimer's disease.

Height 6'2"
Age 59
Weight 183lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood A+

Events In Hidden Missions

Marc became a suspect after the player and Agent Cruz found his invitation in Jordan's office. As Jordan's mentor and long time friend, Marc was invited to cook with him in his restaurant to catch up together. Marc admitted that Jordan got his hot-temper from him, but expressed that it was only for show business and knew no-one who wanted him dead.

Later in the investigation, Marc was interrogated again after the player found a pamphlet about Alzheimer's Disease that belonged to him. Marc revealed that he has early stage Alzheimer's, but was unbothered by his condition. When asked if Jordan knew about it, Marc angrily claimed that Jordan was treating him as if he was senile while hanging out together.

In the denouement, Marc was revealed to be Jordan's murderer. Marc confessed that he killed him in a blind rage when Jordan insisted for him to retire early from the restaurant business to take better care of his deteriorating mental health. Marc exclaimed that cooking was his life, it was all he has left of himself that motivates him to keep on living, putting an end to his cooking career would kill him. The night before the restaurant opened, Jordan brought it up again and Marc snapped and stabbed him to death. In the court trial, Judge Shields sentenced Marc to spend the rest of his life in a psychiatric institution.

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