Mallory Muerte-Oscura
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Full name Mallory Azul Muerte-Oscura
Gender Female
Birth August 27th, 1998
Nationality Mexican
Residence Fluxford, California
Profession Detective
Affiliation(s) Fluxford Special Agency
Appearance(s) Case #3: Vinyl Scratch

Mallory Meurte-Oscura is a main character in the fifth season of Criminal Case, acting as the detective for the Fluxford Special Agency. Prior, she was a suspect in the murder of DJ Karina Kisstal in Vinyl Scratch (Case #3 of Fluxford), champion league gamer Jeremiah Rotzy in Fatality! (Case #4 of Fluxford) and Russian diplomat Aleksei Prosperuch in A Plague On Our City (Case #5 of Fluxford).

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