Makara Raju
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Biographical information
Full name Makara Raju
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 19th November 1993
Nationality Indian
Past profession(s) Treasure Hunter
Family Arsha Raju (sister)
Affiliation(s) The Bureau
Game information
First appearance Case#1: The Ghosts of the Past
Capture 2
Maybe I'm from India, but I would rather go in Cuba to search for a lost treasure than listening to Bollywood music
—-Makara Raju
Makara Raju is the historian of The Bureau.


Hailing from Mumbai, India Makara is a 24-years-old historian who worked as a treasure hunter before her tenure to The Bureau. Makara has long black hair and black eyes. She wears a light-blue sari, a gold necklace and a pair of gold earrings.

Makara is an enigmatic, creative, optimistic and stubborn person. She is also insensitive and rational. Her greatest fear are bees. Her favorite animal is eagle and her favorite foo is tandoori chicken.



Makara was born in Mumbai, India. She grew up with her sister, Arsha, until 18 when she run away from India to became an treasure hunter.

Notable Events of Criminal Case

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  • Makara was arrested ten times: two times in Peru, one time in Brazil, four times in U.S.A., one time in Australia and two times in China

Case Appearances

The Ghosts of the Past (Case #1 of World Edition)

The Wind of Dead (Case #2 of World Edition)

Tick-Tock (Case #3 of World Edition)

Terror in Bern (Case #4 of World Edition)

An Old Revenge (Case #5 of World Edition)

The Shadows' Leader (Case #6 of World Edition)

Cold Blood Soldiers (Case #7 of World Edition)

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