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Major Lucas
Biographical information
Full name Lucas Redmoon (birth name)
Alias(es) Major Lucas
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1994
Nationality FranceCanada French-Canadian
Residence Québec, Canada (formerly)
Rosenoque, Canada
Past profession(s) Animal Ranger
Family Diego Redmoon (brother)
Marie Redmoon-Bilodeau (mother)
Francisco Redmoon (father)
Kendra Redmoon (aunt; incarcerated)
Justin Redmoon (cousin)
Samuel Lupo (brother-in-law)
Elizabeth Lupo (sister-in-law)
Marie Crystal Redmoon (daughter)
Thomas Redmoon (son)
Sebastian Redmoon (grandfather)
Partner(s) Summer Murphy (wife)
Affiliation(s) Flaming Eagle Police Dept.
Gaulstone Cult (formerly)
Gaulstone Zoo (formerly)
Flaming Eagle Police Department
Rank Senior Detective
Junior Detective (formerly)
Game information
Appears in Season 1
Season 3
First appearance Case 1: Pebbles on the Beach (s1)
I may have changed by growing older and mature in the last three years, but I'm still the loyal and childish detective you had known!
—Major Lucas

Major Lucas is a main character featured in Season 1 and Season 3 of Criminal Case, where he serves as the Flaming Eagle Police Department's Senior Detective after having served as a Junior Detective in the first season.

He was a suspect in the murder investigations of his mother, Marie Redmoon-Bilodeau in A Moon of Blood (Case #26 of Rosenoque) and his father, escaped convict Francisco Redmoon in Plans Badly Executed (Case #53 of Rosenoque). He later became a suspect in the murder investigation of DJ Abdul Carla in The Legends of Reality (Case #26 of The Mystery)


Hailing from Québec, Canada, Major is the 24-year-old detective of the Flaming Eagle Police Department who is assigned to be one of the two partners for the player's career in the Flaming Eagle Police Force and worked as an animal ranger prior to his tenure in the department. He is a medium-sized man who has fair skin, brown hair and brown eyes. He normally sports a red top under a brown fur coat with a beige fur collar adorned with brown fur and silver linings. He is seen wearing a dark beige cowboy hat with a brown band and has a series of scratches on the left side of his neck. Other than that, he wears an eagle pin and a bead necklace with a sword charm and a dog tag attached.

Now 27 years and a senior detective in the Flaming Eagle Police Department, Major has retained his cowboy hat and necklace. However he is now seen in a green shirt under a beige sweater with red, green and white sleeves and linings, black moose heads on his chest and a silver maple leaf zipper.

Major is known as a humorous and slightly childish person but nevertheless, he gets the job done with his fellow teammates. His hobbies are known to be tending to animals and eating. He however has a weakness for canines. His favourite food is known to be cookies and his favourite animal is the wolf. Furthermore, now married to Summer Murphy, it is known that he has promised to never becomes a monster like his father was.

Per his first suspect appearance, it is noted that he is contact with wolves and speaks French.

Per his second suspect appearance, it is noted that he eats spaghetti, drinks Frosty slushies and that he is left-handed.

Per his third suspect appearance, it is noted that he has read the Redmoon-Blade legend, eats foie gras and knows anatomy.

Height 5'3"
Age 24/27
Weight 125 lbs/130 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O-


Case Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • It is known that Major Lucas's character has been inspired by the creator of the series, BloodyNightWolf.
  • Strangely, during the events of Threat from the Past, Major's scratches are missing but reappear in the following cases.