Maggie Roofe
Full name Margaret Roofe
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 27/01/16
Nationality British
Residence London, England
Profession Politician
Affiliation(s) Parliament
Appearance(s) Splitting the Bill (Mentioned)
When the Clock Chimes
Maggie Roofe was the victim in When the Clock Chimes (Case #4 of The World Edition).


At the time of her death, Maggie wore a dark blue suit with a white blouse and a golden brooch. She had ginger hair in curls that went down to her neck. She was a politician.

Murder Details

Maggie was found in Big Ben, she had been crushed by the Bell. The autopsy revealed that the killer had to be a politician for him to be able to be given access into the tower as it was in parliament.

Killer and Motives

Prime Minister of the UK, David Blaire, killed Maggie.

David said that Maggie was a nonsense politician, her thoughts were to raise the wages of doctors and nurses, and other jobs such as teachers. Where as David had other ideas, and he wanted only the well protected and respected jobs, such as politicians and athletes to have the higher jobs. Judge Borton sentenced David to life imprisonment for the brutal murder and dismantlement of an iconic building.

David was sentenced to life imprisonment.


  • Maggie is a parody of the first British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, AKA "The Iron Lady".
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