Mafia's Secret Diary
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Season -
Setting Crimestone, USA
No. of cases in season 45
Appears in Criminal Case
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The underground. Amazing place of the organized criminal groups and the mafia, but ou are still rookie in this fields, tho... or are you? You are here to join them but you have a secret that no one should know. Here in the underground you will prove yourself to be a material for the Calconi Family, can you do that, "detective"? Explore your limits and other side of the law in Mafia's Secret Diary, where the charm and secrets of the mafia life awaits your appearance!

Mafia's Secret Diary is a title of the solo season created by Inpector Diaz. The story of the season is set in the city of Crimestone.


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All the events of Mafia's Secret Diary are set in the city of Crimestone, an urban and dangerous city on the east coast of the USA. It's composed from nine districts that has span of totally forty-five cases. The Police Department of Crimstone tries to keep the law but your place is with the Calconi Family on the other side of the law. 



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