Maddie O'Malley
Biographical information
Full name Madeline O'Malley
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 41
Nationality Flag of IrelandFlag of USA Irish-American
Residence Concordia, U.S.
Profession(s) Detective
Affiliation(s) Concordian Flying Squad
Game information
First appeared Case #1: Burn Your Sorrows

Madeline "Maddie" O'Malley is a main character featured in Season 4 of Criminal Case. Appearing as the Detective of the Concordian Flying Squad, she serves as a partner to the player throughout the season.


24 years of age, Maddie has cranberry red hair and green eyes. She wears a clover green suit over a burgundy vest and a collared shirt with golden collar tips and a black necktie. She also wears a black top hat with gold goggles on the rim, and a pair of earrings.

Case Appearances

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