Lynne Gillis (formerly Jarvis) is the victim in the case Unnatural Causes (Case #2 of Hidden Missions).


Lynne is a park ranger working in the Greenstone Natural Reserve. She has red hair tied to a bun and have brown eyes and freckles. At the time of her death, Lynne was wearing her khaki park ranger uniform, complete with a radio, a ranger badge and a light yellow neckerchief. She was also seen wearing a grey ranger's hat with a brown strip and buckle.

Murder Details

While the player and A.S.I. Agent Eric Wayne were walking along the Reserve's pathway to question the rangers, they found the deceased body of Lynne Gillis with a tranquiliser dart protruding from her neck. Also, it was noted that Lynne's neckerchief and ranger badge were missing. According to coroner Dr. Graham Woodley, the cause of death was revealed to be ketamine overdose after being shot by a tranquilising dart. Dr. Woodley added that he found traces of kale juice on the dart's tail, deducing that the killer drinks kale juice.

The player and Agent Wayne managed to recover the tranquiliser gun, which weapons expert Randall Collins confirmed to be the murder weapon. While analysing the weapon, Randall noticed damp patches of sweat left behind by the killer. From the analysis of lab chief Candy Orson, it was determined that the killer had green eyes.

Relationship With Suspects

Throughout the investigation, it was found out that Lynne planned to remarry her ex-husband, Edward Jarvis, although they had a small argument over where to settle after the remarriage.

Head ranger Henry Lancaster praised Lynne for her professional and ethical skills, however Henry caught Lynne getting drunk on the job, which led to a serious argument.

Fellow ranger Oliver Briers said that he was close friends with Lynne, but grew romantic feelings towards her, which Lynne rejected.

It was revealed that it was Lynne who gave permission to Cerebrum Clinics to set up their laboratories in the Reserve. But then Lynne saw some scientists littering, she confronted scientist Dr. Julius Ackroyd and threatened to evict them if they do not stop harming the environment.

It was known that Lynne was seeing life coach Annie Oswald, who revealed that Lynne was quite stressed lately and given her sound advice. However, it was discovered that Lynne had been saying demeaning words against Annie's services, giving her a motive.

Killer and Motive

Lynne's killer was revealed to be her ex-husband, Edward.

Upon being faced with concrete evidence, Edward admitted that he killed Lynne. Edward discovered that Lynne was only planning to remarry him because of the newly-found wealth he received from a dead relative, this was evident when he discovered that his ex-wife is piled up with debts. Edward confronted Lynne in the Reserve trail, to which the situation escalated, resulting to Edward grabbing Lynne's tranquiliser gun without her looking and shot her in the neck. Edward then faced Judge Bishop in court, with the latter giving him a twenty-year prison sentence.

Case Appearance

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