Lynn Parkinson-Rhode
Full name Lynn Parkinson-Rhode
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1937
Nationality British
Residence Belfriar, Kensington Heights, England
Family Kenneth Parkinson (Husband)
Profession Widower
Appearance(s) Cutting Off Loose Ends

Lynn Parkinson-Rhode (previously Rhode) was a suspect in the investigation of Geoffrey Ecsadus in Cutting Off Loose Ends (Case #2 of Kensington Heights).


Lynn Parkinso wore a black hat with black netting in it. She wore a sleek black dress with gold earrings and a red necklace.

In her first appearance, it is known that she has knowledge in chemistry.

Height 5'2"
Age 79
Weight 114 lbs
Eyes grey
Blood A-

Role in Case(s)

Cutting Off Loose Ends

Lynn was first spoken to when her personalised umbrella was found near Geoffrey's body. Lynn explained that before her husband, Kenneth died, the two were both business partners. Lynn explained that after Kenneth's death, she and Geoffrey consoled each other, and were good friends.

Lynn told the team that Geoffrey helped her, she admitted that a few years ago, she hired Geoffrey to stalk her late husband. When asked why Lynn was admitting this, she said that she felt she needed to clear her conscience.

Lynn was found innocent when Geoffrey's daughter, Florinda killed Geoffrey.


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