Lydia Parkepper
Full name Lydia Parkepper
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Nationality British
Family Petra Parkepper (Daughter) Ron Parkepper (Husband) Percy Parkepper (Brother-in-Law)
Appearance(s) Open the Gates
Lydia Parkepper was the mother of Petra Parkepper. She was mentioned in Open the Gates (Case #6 of Kensington Heights).


Lydia is seen with black hair like her daughter and wearing a yellow hat with flowers in it and a green dress. She was very beautiful.

Role in Case(s)

Open the Gates

Lyda was mentioned when the team spoke to Petra Parkepper, Percy's niece. Petra said that she and her uncle weren't very close, but after parents of Petra (Lydia Parkepper and Ron Parkepper) died, Percy was responsible for Petra. Petra kept her own space to herself, and whenever Percy got too close to her, she would flip out.


Case Appearances


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