Luxo Town Police Department serves the city of Luxo Town. They consists of characters in which fights crimes and solves case and arrests obnoxious killers.


Name Duty Information Age Words
Chief Tori Speltz The Chief of Luxo Town A psychiatrist, and a teacher 51 As a Chief, I can see the killers are the pollution of our community.
Stan Brooke Elite Detective A doctor and an athlete, probably a photographer 26 This task is like climbing on a building in New York. And that killer isn't grand at all.
Derek Stuart Profiler A chef, and a mechanical engineer 28 The killer is not intelligent in killing, but good in lying.
Annie Stone Forensics Analyzer A pilot 41 Chemical lies from the killer cannot destroy my responsibility.
Leia The Bot Electronic Analyst and Professional Psychologist A robot 6 Crystal clear voice from me. But killer's are rough.
Wendy Lopez Caller/Historian A gossip columnist 29 Calling the handcuffs, history is in the past.
Paul Simmer Coroner A professional philantrophist, and a civil engineer. 35 This body is gruesome, it was pretty fast to rebuild. Be protected not to be lied by the murderer.

Other Characters

Name Duty Information Age Words
Judge Allen Ricks Judge A pilot 41

Judging killers are easy. Just analyze how they kill. 

Roanna Simples Executive Detective A housewife 29 I can help you handling handcuffs to those killers! They have no evidence to work on.
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