Lucy Lumber
Biographical information
Full name Lucy Lumber
Gender Female
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1982
Personal information
Nationality Flag of IrelandFlag of USA Irish-American
Residence Venusville
Profession(s) Chief executive officer
Family Unnamed parents
Affiliation(s) iPear
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Venusville
First appeared Case #3 A Conspiracy of Silence
Lucy Lumber was the killer of iPear employee Jordan Kelly in A Conspiracy of Silence (Case #3 of Venusville).


Lucy is 37-year-old new iPear CEO with long red hair tied in a ponytail. She wears brown jacket with light blue shirt under it. She also sports lipstick and has black eyes.

Age 37
Height 5'11''
Weight 157 lbs
Eyes black
Blood Type AB+

Events of Criminal Case

A Conspiracy of Silence

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