Lucy Framel is one of the characters in PetersCorporal's first city, Townville. She was a suspect and the culprit in The Restaurant Phantom (Case #43).


Age 23
Weight 160 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood AB-
Height 5'6
Hair Blonde

During the events of The Restaurant Phantom, she wore a Bluesnight badge and a necktie.

Role in cases

The player and Evan Day went to The Catalunya Palace to interrogate George Framel about his mother, Jessica Trimmle, but found him dead. Lucy became one of the suspects when she approached them in the restaurant basement. She was crying at this moment, and said that the murder was committed by "the ghosts that live under the Palace". She was also interrogated later when the team found out about George Framel's novel "Life of a Misfortune". She said that she hoped that it would become famous and that she didn't know why George didn't love his son.

That night, Lucy, her mother, and one of the restaurant waitresses were found doing a little party at the restaurant. According to Lucy's testimony, she was only doing it because her brother wasn't going to be bullied by their father anymore, and she blamed a ghost again for his death.

A video camera left by Charlie Framel at the basement revealed that Lucy was in fact the one who had killed George, and that it was all just an accident. She was with her father in the basement and she hit him in the face with a glass of wine unintentionally. The glass shards cut some important veins in his face and neck. Both George and Lucy panicked and without knowing what to do, he died from blood loss in that place after a few minutes. Thanks to the recording and her testimony at the Court of Law, she was left free and declared innocent.

The next day, Evan and the player went to The Catalunya Palace to have a meal and met Lucy one more time there.


  • She is the first killer in the game who isn't incarcerated.

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