Lucien Dupree was a suspect in the murder of BioSafe lab technician Sarah Alvarez in Prescription: Murder (Case #4 of Hidden Missions).


Lucien is the 40 year old safety manager of BioSafe, he is of French-African-American descent and has greying black hair and brown eyes and a goatee. Lucien is seen wearing a white BioSafe lab coat with a pair of safety glasses on the left breast pocket over a light blue polo shirt that is stained with blue ink. Lucien is also seen carrying a brown clipboard.

Height 5'10"
Age 40
Weight 157lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood A+

Events in Hidden Missions

The player and Agent Wong listed down Lucien as a suspect when they found his craft of Sarah's picture in a gold star with the text "Employee of the Month". The distraught Lucien explained that he admired Sarah for valuing lab safety, going as far as ensuring that her colleagues would abide by the lab's safety precautions, making his job easier.

Lucien was interrogated again after they found a torn restaurant pamphlet in Sarah's apartment. Lucien explained that he was asking Sarah out for dinner, he became smitten with her after having a few chats during lunch break. One night, Lucien came by Sarah's apartment to ask her out, only for Sarah to reject him as she wanted to keep their relationship professional. Later on in the investigation, Lucien pulled off a contamination alert drill that forced the player and Agent Wong out of the clinic.

In the conclusion of the case, it was discovered that Lucien was innocent of Sarah's murder. However, while the player and Agent Wong were investigating Carla Hagan and her Valencian virus research, they found his fingerprints on the vial samples of the Valencian virus and other common viruses (which could potentially make the Valencian virus lethal, according to Candy), which were found in Sarah's apartment. Lucien stated that he was helping Sarah reveal Dr. Hagan's scheme in enhancing the deadly Valencian virus.

Case Appearances

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