"My grandmother always told me to never give up!"
―Louise Pierre-Antoine

Louise Pierre-Antoine is the commisioner of Atlantic Alps Police Department who is one of the two partners assigned to be the player's partner in Rifqitheflipper's first season.


Louise is a calm-looking lady of 29 years of age. Louise is known to weights 109 lbs, stands at 5'11, has a O- blood type, and sports blue eyes. Louise sports a neatly combed, waist-length blonde hair alongside a french beret over it. She usually wears a silk sweater with a light grey patterns forming the Eiffel tower and some flowers horizontally across the chest area. She also wears a long-sleeved, black turtleneck inside it, and a pair of black leggings and red high heels. For accessories, she wears a pair of gold earrings, platinum liontin, gold bracelets, and a silver watch on her right hand.

Louise is born in Paris, France. She also has a favor towards Sunset Moths and Croissants. She is known to be sympathetic and neat, and is quite a perfectionist.

Personal Life

Louise is born in Paris, France, but moved to Canada in her teenagers. Louise seemed to have great pride on her grandmother, mentioning her in most of her dialogues.

Case Appearances

As one of the main characters and one of the two partners assigned for the player's career in the Atlantic Alps PD, Louise either appeared or was mentioned in almost every case of Atlantic Alps.

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