Louis Wilington
Biographical information
Full name Louis Wilington
Gender Male
Status Deceased Half Human
Birth 1985
Death 2019
Cause of death Explosion
Personal information
Nationality United Kingdom British
Residence Parinaita
Family Brother Paul† (Ancestor)

Edwold Menkalinan (Ancestor)

Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case 5: Hidden Meaning

Louis Wilington (1985-2019) was a suspect in the murder investigation of young woman Sara Kingson in See No Murder, Hear No Murder, Speak No Murder (Case #9 of Parinaita) and King Innocent VI and Charlie Hamington in Innocent Die First (Case #42 of The Secrets of Parinaita). He was also quasi-suspect in Hidden Meaning (Case #5 of The Secrets of Parinaita), in In Cries of Help! (Case #7 of The Secrets of Parinaita) and Calm Before the Storm (Case #41 of The Secrets of Parinaita). He then later died in Burning News (Case #10 of Parinaita).


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  • He's one of the only characters to appear in two districts of The Secrets of Parinaita
  • Louis is based on Lewis Brindley from the Yogscast.

Case Appearances

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