Ah, Old Town! Its little streets, its famous museums, its theater, its people... Ah its people... People here are little... well, you'll see for yourself! Cuz right now, a man has been murdered in his manor, which is rumored to have supernatural powers. Can you determine fact from myth?
—Case Teaser
Lost Souls
Case 31
Season 1
City Waterborough
District Old Town
Case Number 31
Date of Release 25th January 2019
Partner(s) Tony Dunkin (All Chapters)
Denisse Lopez (To Hell and Back 1)
Preceded by Succeeded by
Blood and Revenge
(in Bronx Hills)
No Rest For Evil
Lost Souls is a case that is set be featured in Criminal Case as the thirty-first case of Season 1, and the thirty-fist case of the game. It is the first to take place in Old Town district of Waterborough.


Upon arriving at Old Town, Penelope introduced to the district and it quietness. Upon Tony's report, he and the player and went to a mansion in Elm street to collect the body of Brennan Bentley, who was found dead, crushed by a chandelier in the mansion.

Mid-investigation, Jonathan.... Later the team found enough evidence to arrest the victim's maid, Priscilla Brown as the killer.

Upon admitting to the murder, Priscilla states that the manor used to belong to her family until her father went bankrupt and lost the house with she was a kid. Years later, she was outraged that it was handed over to foreigners, thus working there as a maid and making up a tale that the manor was haunted. When Brennan didn't believe her, Priscilla decided to give him a drug that made him believe that the house was really haunted. Day by day, Brennan became more and more scared, and when the time was right, Priscilla took the opportunity and killed her husband by crushing him under a chandelier as revenge. Judge Raymond sentence her to life in prison.



  • Brennan Bentley (found crushed to death by a chandelier)

Murder Weapon

  • Chandelier


  • Priscilla Brown



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer
  • The Killer
  • The Killer
  • The Killer
  • The Killer

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  • Move on to a new case (in Pacific Bay City)

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