Lorena Esposito (1974-2018) was the victim in A Devastation Of Love, before that she was an unseen character in To Pay A Deadly Price (Case #2 of Toomeswood)


Lorena was a middle age woman with short blonde hair that is curved and goes up to her neck with sunglasses on top and blue eyes. She sports blue eyeshadow and red lipstick as well as bright yellow nail polish. She wore a bright pink sports jacket with white lines and a pale yellow top with pink, orange and brown polka dots as well as pale blue denim jeans that went up to her upper waist with a black belt, with a white pump on her left foot.She also sports multiple gold chains with a bejeweled cross as well as matching earrings.

Events of Criminal Case

To Pay A Deadly Price

Lorena did not appear in this case but it was revealed that she planned to move her daughter Elanna back home to Tijuana.Later on, Father Novello Cappelanio reported a physical altercation between her and her ex-husband.

Murder Details

Lorena's body was found nailed to the front door of Perleyville Community Gospel Chapel akin to how Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross. However Tazia (who returned to autopsy from being put in custody for disorderly conduct) deduced that being nailed to the Chapel was not the cause of death but rather she was attacked by a venomous snake. The chief medical examiner found traces of communion wafers on the victim's pants, meaning that the killer ate communion wafers. Vanessa and the player also found a torn seafood allergy card and per Jonah's analysis, the victim loved eating seafood all the time, concluding the killer was allergic to seafood.

Mid-investigation, Vanessa and the player found Jordan unconscious at South Fork and contained the King Cobra that attacked him. Miraculously, Jordan survived thanks to an anonymous figure giving him an anti-venom, meaning the killer tried to target him to try to stop the team's investigation. After Jordan's testimony, Jane ran to the player with a threatening note that she received from the killer. Per Jane's description of the note, the killer is insomniac.

Later on in the investigation, Vanessa and the player found the badly injured and semi-conscious body of the victim's teenage daughter, Elanna at Granden River. Before she passed out, she asked the team to take a gold cross she was holding in the hopes that it would help catch her mother's killer. Per Lucas's analysis, the killer indeed wore the cross. The team also found a surveillance camera at the bridge which per Jonah showed footage of the killer attacking Jordan;the killer was female.

Relationship With Suspects

The victim's ex husband Miguel Esposito was shown getting into a physical altercation with the victim after the latter forced their daughter Elanna into her vehicle in which he shoved her after she grabbed Elanna by the arm and he was arrested for attacking an officer at the border station, who tried to break up the fight. It was later revealed that the marriage was in fact an arranged marriage set up by his pious late mother, Maria Rosa, in order to force Miguel to atone for killing his abusive grandfather. Father Cappelanio wanted to try to find Lorena, so that he could try to reason with her, as he felt she was dangerous to be around Elanna due to her mental instability. This however backfired as the victim threatened to expose his seafood allergy to his superiors unless he gave in to her obscenely unrealistic demands such as trying to deport Miguel for having a new girlfriend.Brenda Reynolds argued with the victim via text messages over abruptly forcing Elanna to move away from Toomeswood and felt that Lorena was a threat to the teenager's safety due to the victim's insanity from her religious upbringing. The victim also threw away the home economics teacher's seafood allergy medicine which the home economics teacher needed to be able to follow her diet, Lorena also believed medicine to be sinful and wanted to protect Elanna's "immortal soul" from being "corrupted" by medicine, as she had once used Epi-pen to save Elanna's life from her allergy to wheat. The victim's mother Veronica Hernandez broke down hysterically over her daughter's demise, wondering why God decided to take her so soon but chastised the victim for being divorced and for her attire, which the pious woman did not like. She was also revealed to be very controlling of Lorena's autonomy as she forced her to wear a chastity belt before she got married and after she got divorced, she also admitted to paddling and caning Lorena for wanting to do "worldly" things such as going to the movies, wearing makeup, etc. Lorena also attacked high school teacher Darcy Keller for being Miguel's new girlfriend via throwing her shoe at her, which prompted Miguel to attack Lorena in retaliation. She also revealed that before the shoe incident, Lorena had harrassed the teacher multiple times in an attempt to force a break up between the two especially after the victim found a nude self portrait of Darcy that she made as a gift to give to Miguel. When Darcy refused to back down, Lorena attacked her.

Killer And Motives

The killer turned out to be Veronica.

Veronica initially denied involvement at first but soon admitted to the crime. She discovered that her daughter had been trying to look for love in order to move on from her divorce from Miguel, much to the pious Catholic's disgust as she expected Lorena to stay celibate. She also was disgusted with her daughter seeing a therapist which she considered evil. Also Veronica found out that Lorena even became romantically involved with the therapist and threatened her with homelessness unless she broke off the relationship. However, when the victim became enraged at Miguel moving on with Darcy and attacked the teacher all the while Lorena was left with nobody, Veronica was infuriated as she felt Lorena was supposed to be content with a life of celibacy and solitude, focusing her life on God and even give the new couple her blessing. She finally decided to murder her daughter after Lorena tried to take Elanna to Orcas Banks. She also admitted to attempting to murder Jordan, who was investigating her in order to throw the team off. An enraged Vanessa didn't hesitate to ship her off to trial. In court, Veronica tried to play for sympathy but the disgusted Judge Whiterock didn't mince words with the Catholic before sentencing her to life imprisonment without parole. Veronica blew up at the judge before Miguel snapped at her for almost killing Elanna.


  • Lorena slightly resembles Linda Buttons, a character from Criminal Case:Pacific Bay
  • Lorena's death at the hands of her mother is thus far the only domestic homicide in Toomeswood

Case Appearances

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