The Little Hollow Police Department (also known as Little Hollow PD, or its acronym LHPD) is the main protagonist of Agunachopace's cases, and also the local police department of the city of Little Hollow.

List of Personnel

The team of Little Hollow PD consists of seven main members (not counting the player), with each of them assigned to do a particular job:

Personnel Age Position Duties
Gerardo Muñoz 47 Chief of Police A strict and direct boss, not very friendly. It is responsible for giving the orders to the player. He is from Nice Land.
Player N/A Homicide Detective Performs the homicide investigation partening with German, in charge of the formal murder investigation, bringing killers to justice by all means necessary.
German Ackerman 32 Detective A friendly and quiet detective working with the player in a lot of cases. He is from Colorpolis.
Donna Strawberry 24 Chief Medical Examiner (Coroner) In charge of the autopsies in the department. He is young and cheerful but somewhat shy and quiet. She is from Nice Land.
Jay Watanabe 24 Forensic Expert Sarcastic and proud, is in charge of forensic information. It is also a lawyer at rest. He is from Airport Heights.
Analia Podolski 35 Tech Expert A peaceful and environmental technology expert, who always try to others 'pollute' less. She is from Farm Town.
Anton Gattas 43 Officer A somewhat stubborn and distracted police, who will be willing to the tasks of the player. He is from Farm Town.
Judge Fayolle 67 Judge A series but sweet judge who issued verdicts all quietly without shouting. She is blind from birth and is not formally a PD member. She is from Colorpolis.

Citizens Apprehended

  • Malcon Brodlay (not a former killer)
  • Husuki Saba
  • Shina Glovola
  • Mahem Spolosky
  • Croppes Liriam
  • Gilda Amalda
  • Brian Moses (not a killer)
  • Arnoldo Barrientos
  • Eliza Lanzio
  • Horacius Tremole
  • Estela Dorothea (not a killer)
  • Lulu Van Kraimer
  • Victor Cobain
  • Maria Gilstosky


Team Members

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