Little Hollow is the city where happen the Agunachopace's cases. Apparently the town have a lot of pottencial killers too. But it is strongly protected by the Little Hollow Police Department.

Nice Land

Little Hollow

Map of Nice Land

Nice Land is the first district in the city of Little Hollow. Although the name says this is a nice place, has big problems like the case of the Great Secret and current vandalism.

It can be distinguish different areas. They have the great high school with business and middle-class homes (Long Weekend), a small financial center with offices and a bay (Big Towers) and an old neighborhood with big houses and peculiar people (Burning Lips). Also, at the east of the island, you can find the Lighthouse of the City (Free Bay) and a neighborhood that is marginalized in where the Grayland Apartments are (To Live and Survive).

Cases of Nice Land

1. Long Weekend - 2. Free Bay - 3. Burning Lips - 4. To Live and Survive - 5. Big Towers



Map of Colorpolis

Colorpolis is the second district in the city of Little Hollow. Serious Issues like crazy people from the hospital and violents bikers plague the good name of the island.

Being larger than its predecessor, the island has great tourist attractions such as luxurious mansions in its plateau (Party Mess), the largest hospital in the city (Last Breath) and a long and expensive casino (Casinomania). However, it also has a semi-slum bikers (Motorcycles and Ditches) and a lake infested with piranhas (The Background Situation).

Cases of Colorpolis

1. Party Mess - 2. Last Breath - 3. Casinomania - 4. Motorcycles and Ditches - 5. The Background Situation

Oldest Island

Oldest Island

Map of Oldest Island

Oldest Island is the third district of Little Hollow and one of the largest in size. While the island is a major port and industrial center, contains also a huge construction site auctioned by millionaires' companies.

This particular island has two ports, one small and used for landing (seen in Riders of the Port Ark) and a larger one that works as an industrial area (listened at the Rampage case). Far from those places, there is a wealthy neighborhood where extravagants millionaires live (No Country for Rich Mans), the oldest Service Station in the city (Another Shot in the Wall) and a safe but huge construction site (The Informant). Near the north coast there is a renewed and joyous church (All the Church's Voices) and also we find the mansion of the international tycoon Rickie Tremole (Casanegra).

Cases of Oldest Island

1. Riders of the Port Ark  - 2. Rampage - 3. No Country for Rich Mans - 4. Another Shot in the Wall - 5. The Informant - 6. All the Church Voices - 7. Casanegra
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