Lindsey Emerson
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Biographical information
Full name Lindsey Willow Emerson
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1995
Death 2018
Cause of death Blood loss (stabbed in the heart)
Nationality American
Past profession(s) Street artist
Family Unnamed cousin

Unnamed father

Affiliation(s) Federal Bureau of Crime
Game information
First appearance Vice Grip

"Oh boy! I hope you're ready to be Wikipedia on legs."

Lindsey Willow Emerson was a main character in Criminal Case, where she served as the Weapons Expert of the Federal Bureau of Crime.


23 years of age, Lindsey had afro style-black hair, dark brown skin and brown eyes. She wore a khaki singlet, army pants, a belt and boots. It was known Lindsey ate schnitzel, planted flowers and drank orange juice.

Typically, Lindsey had the "tough gal" attitude on the outside, but on the inside, she was shown to be sweet and caring. According to her co-workers, she was "the definition of 'don't judge a bok by it's cover.' ".

Notable events

Vice Grip

After the player met Lindsey, she showed her tough girl attitude at first, but when Angus told her it was inappropriate, she seemed to calm down and show her sweet attitude.

Murder details

Lindsey was found in her office, stabbed three times, with the cause of death being a stab wound to her heart.

Killer and motives

The killer tuned out to be Forensics Expert Kaylee Gonzalez.

Kaylee and Lindsey were rivals behind closed doors, as Lindsey had tried to get justice because Kaylee was neglecting her teenage son Cole. Disgusted, Judge Chamberlain sentenced her to 65 years in prison.


Below is a list of appearances Lindsey made throughout the game.

Case 1: Vice Grip

Case 2: Party Time

Case 3: Don't Leave Me Hanging

Case 4: Running Your Mouth

Case 5: Walk On Water

Case 6: Behind The Mask

Case 7: Heart Shaped Box

Case 8: Dark Heart Ceremony

Case 9: A Brother's Journey

Case 10: Cat Out Of The Bag

Case 11: Everything And Nothing

Case 12: Like A Roll Of Thunder

Case 13: Music To My Ears

Case 14: Shot Down In Flames

Case 15: Blood Is Thicker

Case 16: All Hell Breaks Loose

Case 17: Into Chaos We Climb

Case 18: Bitter Fate

Case 19: The Way Life Goes

Case 20: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

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