Lindordian Justice Squad
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Type Law enforcement agency
Abbreviation None
Headquarters Lindordia
General nature Law enforcement

Local police

Leader Talmadge Baldwin (BTP)
Colors Brown
Appearance(s) Criminal Case Back to Past
Lindordian Justice Squad acts as an independent unit for criminal investigation in the city of Lindordia.


Lindordian Justice Squad has 11 members including the player.

Name Age Position Status
Talmadge Baldwin 43 Chief of Police Alive
Diego del Lobo 28 Detective Alive
Maddie O'Malley 24 Detective Alive
Katherine Woolf 35 Informant Alive
Richard Wells 45 Coroner Alive
Viola Pemberton 42 Lab Chief Alive
Nicholas Holloway 22 Archivist Alive
Minerva Highmore 65 Profiler Alive
Rose Zhao 45 Weapons Expert Alive
Charles Dupont 27 Inventor Alive
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