Lilly Dexter was a suspect in the murder investigation of her boyfriend, Acropolis Secret Intelligence private consultant Phillip Daley on "Back To The Glory Days" (Case #1 of Justice Department)


Lilly is the 31-year-old girlfriend of detective Phillip Daley. She has short blonde hair and brown eyes. Lilly is adorned with a white hairband, pink lipstick, sapphire stud earrings and a gold charm necklace. She wears a white sleeveless blouse with floral patterns. It is discovered that Lilly eats salmon, uses hand cream and is epileptic.

Height 5'3"
Age 31
Weight 138lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Events of Hidden Missions

Lilly was listed down as a suspect after identifying her face from a broken picture frame. After hearing about her boyfriend's death, Lilly broke down in tears, expressing how their relationship was going so well, especially after having a lovely picnic in Greenstone Natural Reserve's picnic area, leading Agent Kate Wong and the player to the next crime scene.

While Agent Wong and the player are recalling their discoveries, they see a hysterical Lilly who was overcome with grief. They managed to calm her down. However, later on, Lilly was placed under suspicion when police technician Reed Rothman found an exchange of aggressive text messages between her and Phillip. Lilly explained to the detectives that Phillip had grown so attached to his work in the Secret Intelligence that he barely had time to spend time with her. An argument rose between them when Phillip had to leave the picnic early to get back to work.

Lilly was found innocent when the police arrest Phillip's investigating partner, Acropolis Secret Intelligence senior agent Nick Daniels for his murder.

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