Lights, Camera, Stab!
General information
Season 1
City Raxelville
District Blizzardbill
Case # 7
Initial release date 23.3.2020
Partner(s) Anisa Alvarado
Case chronology
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It's Snow-Time! Blocked!

Lights, Camera, Stab! is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the seventh case of Raxelville. It's also the second one to take place in Blizzardbill district.


After Lexi's mother invited the team to her movie set, Lexi and others went to meet up with Lexi's mother. However, when they arrived, makeup artist Stacy Brooker told them that Lexi's mother went somewhere few minutes ago. Since she didn't answered Lexi's phone call, Anisa, Lexi and player went to find her. Sadly, as they were walking around movie set, they found lifeless body of Lexi's mother Mila, who was stabbed multiple times in the torso. Lexi grabbed her mother's friend, refusing to believe that she is gone. After Anisa and player calmed her down, Tristan told them to find her mother's killer and that he will take care of Lexi. While Tristan comforted heartbroken Lexi, Anisa and player searched around for clues. A little while later, they suspected hunter Ruth Wu, victim's co-star Colin Argent and Stacy herself. When they returned back to the movie set, Tristan told them that Lexi's father wants to speak with them.

Anisa and player then talked with Lexi's father Nigel Maynard, who expained that Mila recieved threatening messages few days ago and that they were probably sent by her killer. The pair then investigated Maynard family's house and found enough reasons to suspect Nigel himself and cameraman Boyce Dellinger. After investigating the movie set once again, the pair found out that Mila wanted to sue Ruth for accidentally shooting Lexi in the hand when she was a child. They also found out that Mila saw Stacy pickpocketing Colin Argent on the movie set. When they returned back to Lexi's house, crying Nigel came up to them, saying how Lexi is about to jump to her death from her window.

The team got there and saw crying Lexi sitting by her window. Anisa tried to calm her down, saying how her mother's killer will get justice they deserve. When Anisa finally managed to convince Lexi that her life isn't over, Lexi sat down on her bed and apologized for putting them through this. Nigel then decided to stay with Lexi to make sure that she doesn't do something like this again. The duo then drove back to victim's log cabin to investigate. Later on, they discovered that Colin had an argument with Mila just few minutes before her murder and that Mila almost got Boyce fired after he accidentally deleted a lot of scenes they already filmed. Through further investigation, the pair learned that Nigel and Mila had a small fight when Mila suggested that they should move back to LA. After collecting all of the remaining evidence, the pair arrested Boyce for the murder.

When confronted, Boyce tried to lie, but he eventually cracked due to pressure and said that he did it for his grandfather. Confused, Anisa asked him to explain. Boyce teared up as he explained that their team arrested his grandfather Steven Muller few weeks ago for the murder of high schooler Nicolia Chain. However, few days after his arrest, Steven commited suicide by shooting himself in the head. Boyce then started to cry, saying how his grandfather was his only family left. When Boyce learned that Raxelville Mystery Squad reported Steven to the cops, Boyce decided to take revenge by killing Lexi's mother, to show them how he felt when his grandfather died. Disgusted by his motive, Anisa tried to arrest him, but Boyce snapped and tried to hit Anisa. Right in that moment, Tristan appeared behind him and put him in a chokehold, knocking him out. Tristan then told them to thank him later, since Lexi's dad Nigel and Mina Coltrane suddenly went missing.

Anisa and player then question Tristan, who explain that Nigel and Mina aren't answering Lexi's text for 5 hours. Worried, the trio then investigated the log cabin once again, only to find Mina's broken camera. After putting it back together and pressing play, the team saw Mina talking about the beautiful ice lake behind her. Right in that moment, a shadow figure appeared behind Mina and knocked her out with chloroform before ending the recording. Horrified, Tristan told them to continue their search for Nigel and Mina while he explains everything to Lexi. Anisa and player decided to ask Colin Argent if he saw anything. Hollywood actor then told them that Nigel went for a walk in the forest few hours ago and never came back. Worried, Anisa and player told Bianca about this, who suspected that The Phantom probably kidnapped both Mina and Nigel to scare them away, like Evangelina wanted to do with Anisa.

Meanwhile, Ed and player question Ruth Wu to see if she knows anything about underground tunnels beneath Raxelville. Ruth snapped at them and told them that it's government's top secret that only few citizens know about. Ed tried to convince Ruth to tell them, but hunter refused. Knowing that Ruth won't tell them anything, they investigated the movie set and found Ruth's backpack with her phone inside. The pair sent her phone to Tristan, who revealed that Ruth is actually a spy like Vanessa Sadler and that she is in Raxelville for a reason. Shocked, the duo spoke to Ruth once again, who told them to be quiet about her secret identity. When Ed asked her about The Phantom, Ruth sighed and explained how she's sent to Raxelville to stop their plans. Ruth revealed that underground tunnels were previously used by the government for their sick experiments on people. However, after their plans failed, government's scientist abandoned those tunnels and nobody knows what's inside. The pair thanked Ruth for help and headed back.

After all of these events, the team discussed info that Ruth gave them. Lexi, who was traumatized by today's events, begged everyone to find Nigel and Mina. Right then Tristan came in and hugged Lexi, saying that he located both Nigel and Mina...



  • Mila Maynard (found stabbed multiple times on the movie set)

Murder Weapon:

  • Screwdriver




Killer's Profile

  • The killer drinks chrysanthemum tea.
  • The killer reads Edgar Allan Poe.
  • The killer has a snow mobile.
  • The killer wears silver jewelry.
  • The killer has a scar.

Crime Scenes

Movie Set Fallen Tree Movie Set Bonus
Victim's House Living Room Victim's House Bonus
Log Cabin Fireplace Log Cabin Bonus
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